The Benefits of Linking All of Your IM Accounts

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One of the benefits of having multiple instant messaging accounts with different services is that you can keep in touch with friends and family across a variety of apps. Unfortunately, that means having to log in to multiple apps in order to stay in touch. Imo solves this by allowing you to link your accounts.

How to Link an Account in Imo

The Benefits of Linking All of Your IM Accounts

Imo makes the process of linking your instant messaging accounts fast and easy. To link an account, you first need to log in to your Imo account. From there, you can use your existing login credentials for other instant messaging services to log in to those. Once logged in, Imo will offer you the option to link the account. Select Link Account when prompted and the account will be linked. Going forward, any time you receive an instant message from the linked account, it will show up in Imo and you can respond just as if you were using the other instant messaging app.

You can also easily unlink an account by selecting it in Imo and choosing Unlink Account.

Why Linking Your Accounts Just Makes Sense

As people turn more and more to instant messaging to communicate online, there are more and more platforms available. This can make it confusing to keep up with who is using what and which instant messaging apps you’ve used to communicate. On top of that, different platforms use different interfaces, making it sometimes difficult to keep up with which ones use what tools.

When you link all of your instant messaging accounts in Imo, you cut out a lot of hassle. First, you no longer have to remember which apps your friends and family are using because all of their messages come directly to Imo. In addition, Imo’s controls and tools are consistent across the board so you won’t have to keep up with which instant messaging client uses what controls.

Finally, when you link your instant messaging accounts in Imo, you’ll have a record of your conversations in one place, meaning you no longer have to keep logging in and out of different accounts in order to bring up a previous conversation or message. This can be very helpful when you need quick access to the past.

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