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The footballer with the power of the gods

The FIFA World Cup is up and running and has already served up a couple of big surprises. Iceland held Argentina, Switzerland held Brazil, and the defending world champions Germany were beaten 1- 0 by Mexico. The biggest surprise so far, however, has come from the Institute of Geologic and Atmospheric Investigations in Mexico. According to the Institute, Mexico’s impressive winger Hirving Lozano has another string to his bow. The power to start earthquakes.

Source: Cnet

According to the institute, at 11:32 on Sunday, just after Lozano had cut in and then put the ball in the net, two of their seismic sensors detected a seismic event equal to that of a magnitude three earthquake. The Institute director went on to say that the event was human-made. He claimed it was the Mexican fans all over Mexico City who set off the event when they all jumped up and down when Lozano scored.

Although the event was too small for regular people to have felt it, the institute’s instruments picked it up. Some people have thrown cold water on the claims, but if they are true it seems Mexico’s winger Hirving Lozano holds the power of the gods in his right boot!

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