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Watch the exciting fantasy series The Quest on Disney+

Watch the exciting fantasy series The Quest on Disney+
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What happens when you combine a reality TV show and a fantasy adventure? You end up with The Quest. Disney+ is streaming this short series to all subscribers, featuring eight teenagers that enter a world called Everealm. Their mission is to play several games with the objective of saving the kingdom. Only one true hero will prevail.

In this quick article, we’ll present the main plot to you, why you should embark on The Quest with the teenagers, and how you can watch it on Disney+ with a special offer.

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An exciting Disney+ trailer for The Quest

The Quest originated from the brilliant minds that brought us other shows and movies. The two most popular ones are The Lord of the Rings and The Amazing Race. The former consists of a fantasy movie franchise inspired by JR Tolkien’s novels, while the latter is a popular game show.

Can you see how The Quest was born?

The producers and talented creators decided to merge the two worlds, sending teenagers on a mission to complete tasks in a fantasy world called Everealm. While it seems like they’re on a game show, the stakes are high. They hold the fate of the kingdom in their hands with each task.

Here’s the exciting trailer released by Disney+ for The Quest:

What we know about The Quest so far

Magic, mayhem, maps, mythological creatures. These are only a few of the aspects we’ve been able to discern from the Disney+ trailer. Since we’re massive fans of fantasy books, games, and movies, we’re eager to get started with episode 1 already.

It appears that the eight teenagers are from our world, but somehow they end up traveling to Everealm. What we love so far is the humor that’s already present in the trailer. The teenagers need to use their skills and abilities when taking on each objective, but how much can they accomplish in a strange world?

There’s a quest map that will guide them along the way, and we spied a treasure chest that reminds us of so many RPG fantasy games we’ve played. It makes us wonder how many other gaming elements they’ll include in The Quest. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for game easter eggs along the way, especially among the banners and weapons.

Here are some images from Disney+ that showcase what we can expect when The Quest starts streaming today.

Are you ready for a new adventure on Disney+?

The Quest joins so many Disney+ original shows that we’re already enjoying and are excited about. The latest additions include Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, which appears on May 27, 2022. Marvel’s Moon Knight was a welcome release, and we even saw the action character appear in Fortnite recently. You barely turn your head and there’s a new show to enjoy.

At the moment, there’s a special offer where you can pay for an annual subscription of 12 months at the cost of 10 months. The savings you’ll realize are based on the cost compared to the sum of each month over the 12-month period. So, why not jump in and grab the Disney+ discount offer today?!

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The Quest on Disney+
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