The reviews of the Vision Pro will not escape Apple’s control

The reviews of the Vision Pro will not escape Apple’s control
María López

María López

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It’s not surprising that Apple is a selective company when it comes to choosing who to send products to. The folks at Cupertino want to ensure they have the best possible coverage, whether it’s the iPhone, the MacBook, or in this case, the Apple Vision Pro.

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Apple has taken advantage of the context of CES 2024 held in Las Vegas to announce the definitive release date of its mixed reality glasses. According to Mark Gurman, a renowned journalist from Bloomberg specializing in Apple, the company wants to control every detail surrounding the launch of the Vision Pro. In this case, it will be about how and when critics will be able to “play” with the glasses.

Through a post on X, Gurman details how the corresponding reviews will be produced. To begin with, Apple will prepare for the next January 16th a live experience where a group of previously chosen reviewers will participate. Then, a new follow-up meeting will take place on January 23rd and the Apple Vision Pro will be sent to the reviewers. The corresponding reviews of the helmet will be published at the end of the month.

Although it is clear that Apple cannot control what every critic thinks of their Vision Pro, they will also not leave any part of the experience to chance. No poorly placed headphones or distractions: Apple will be there to solve any problem that arises.

What will be included in the Apple Vision Pro box?

We know that the starting price of the Apple Vision Pro will not be cheap at all ($3,499). However, we will also get a series of accessories, in addition to the glasses themselves. According to the press release published by Apple, this is what will be included:

  • An adjustable strap.
  • A dual strap.
  • A seal to block the light and two additional pads to adjust the seal.
  • An external battery.
  • A cloth.
  • A USB-C cable with a power adapter.

If you also have vision problems and find glasses uncomfortable, you can always choose to order Zeiss lenses with custom prescription (149 dollars).

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