The Softonic mobile app: Why it’s your essential software guide

The Softonic mobile app: Why it’s your essential software guide

The new Softonic app for iOS and Android is your pocket-sized software guide. Why is it essential? Let’s take a look!

Softonic has a new app for phones and tablets that’ll help you get the most out of your mobile devices. More than just a mobile version of our website, the Softonic app is like a traveling companion where you can read articles and news from our software experts, and download the hottest and most highly recommended apps, directly from the Softonic app.

Take a look at 5 of the best ways to use the Softonic app, and make sure to check out our tutorial on how to use the new Softonic mobile app.

1. Learn to use your mobile or tablet

Have you just bought a new device and don’t know where to start? Softonic can help. From the moment you install the app on your new smartphone or tablet, it will automatically be configured so that you can see all kinds of articles relating to your operating system.

If you access the Features option, you’ll find all the guides you need to bring you up to speed on your new device, ranging from tips, to tutorials, to opinion pieces, and more.

Softonic Articles

Softonic Tutorials

For example, you can learn everything you need to know about Instagram, on the same phone that you’ll be using the app from.

Learn about Instagram straight from your phone

You can also discover all of your operating system’s secrets…

Discover the hidden features of your OS

…and find the best deals on apps for your smartphone.

Find out about great app deals

If you access the Apps section, you’ll find hundreds of ways to customize your smartphone or tablet.
Are wallpapers your thing? You can download tons of them on Softonic.

Check out the best apps for what you're looking for

Click on an app to get more information about it

You can also get the must-have complementary apps for your phone or tablet, like cloud services and file managers, just to name a few.

Get the necessities for your smartphone

2. Mastering your favorite apps

Are you using a program and want to know more about it? Softonic’s app makes it simple, because along with reviews and downloads, you can also find all the related guides to use the apps.

For example, if you access the page for the Facebook app, you’ll not only find the review, but you’ll also see all the related tutorials and articles you need to become an expert user.

Get all the info about your favorite apps, like Facebook

You can also deepen your knowledge of Gmail, for example, by discovering some hidden secrets or tricks that the average user probably doesn’t know about.

Find all the tips and tricks for your favorite apps

3. Find alternatives to your favorite apps

Tired of always using the same apps? On Softonic, the Similar Apps section will recommend similar apps that we think you might like.

Looking for something like Subway Surfers? Check out these recommendations.

Check out similar apps that we recommend

Maybe you’ve finished Grand Theft Auto 3 and are looking for a replacement? These similar apps should more than meet your expectations.

GTA Alternatives

And what about the big questions, like, is there life beyond WhatsApp? We might just be able to help you with that too.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

4.  Tell your friends about the best apps

Maybe you’ve finally installed a super useful app, and want to tell your friends about it. Your first reaction might be to  bombard them with messages on WhatsApp, or maybe even go the old-fashioned route, telling them in person about this or that application. But what if we made it even easier for you?

With the Softonic app, you can share any content you want by email, text message or Twitter.

Tell your friends about your favorite apps

With two taps on the screen, a personalized message inviting them to try the app you’ve recommended will be generated. It takes no additional text or links, and it’s done in seconds, which means less work for you, and less spam for your friends.

Send an email to share apps with friends

5. Learn about other operating systems

Although the Softonic app seamlessly integrates with the operating system you’re using, it also lets you read all the articles, news and software reviews for other devices and operating systems.

Get info about any OS

For example, you may be using Softonic on an iPad, but want to read news that’s related to Windows. With the Softonic app, that won’t be a problem.

Check out Windows news, even for your iPad

Interested in finding out more about Windows 8? Then have a look at our lists.

Windows 8 top lists

An app that’s full of possibilities

Softonic’s new app is much more than just a mobile version of our website. It helps you easily discover the best software, learning about it from the comfort of your own mobile device. No matter where you are,  there’ll be someone you trust on your smartphone or tablet to give you the best advice on software.

And this is just the beginning. The app will be regularly updated with more and more options, so stay tuned!

Also make sure to check out our tutorial on how to use the new Softonic app.

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