Here’s what we know about The Big Bang Theory’s long-awaited spin-off

If there's no justification, there won't be a continuation.

Here’s what we know about The Big Bang Theory’s long-awaited spin-off
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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For many it is the series of a lifetime. For others it is one of the best series on television. For critics it is one of the great shows of the last two decades. For me, The Big Bang Theory is a series that marked an era.


The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre has clarified the status of the show’s spin-off, contradicting the original announcement. In April of this year, it was announced that the Big Bang Theory universe would continue with a spin-off planned for Max’s streaming service.

And while it was mentioned that the new series would also be from Chuck Lorre, executive producer of the original The Big Bang Theory, so far no details about the project’s plot had been released.

A spin-off that may never happen

During an interview on TV’s Top 5 podcast to promote his new sitcom Bookie, Chuck Lorre was asked about the Big Bang Theory spin-off.

The executive producer responded by clarifying that the new show is not necessarily planned for Max, adding that the spin-off might not happen at all unless the story is worth telling.

Chuck Lorre’s statements, included below, contradict an earlier press release confirming “a Max original comedy series spinoff of The Big Bang Theory” as part of the revamped streaming service’s future content offerings:

“There’s nothing on Max in the first place. I don’t know what they told you. But we have nothing on Max. Zero, nothing. Nobody knows anything about what this is, other than the people who have been working on it with me. And so nothing has been released, nothing has been placed. So it’s all very prenatal,” he begins.

When asked if the series could fall on the side of the CBS network, instead of MAX, the producer was blunt:

“Or it could be for nobody, I don’t know. We haven’t pitched it to anybody. I’m not a big fan of spin-offs or things like that, unless it feels like… wonderful, fresh. This could be very different and also very fun. That’s the reason to keep going, not to keep digging in the same mine looking for the same precious minerals. It’s about doing something worthwhile. Otherwise, it’s greedy. There’s no reason for it,” the producer finished.

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