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How to Mash Songs Together

How to Mash Songs Together
Justin Cabrera

Justin Cabrera

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Have you ever wondered what your two favorite songs would sound like together? Or perhaps you just know that two specific pieces were meant to be mashed into a single song? Rave DJ is an online website that lets you mash two songs together for fantastic, bizarre and sometimes awful results. 

Since it is a song-mashup website, you can access the website for Rave DJ from any browser on any operating system. This means there’s no reason for you not to try and mix songs together

Rave DJ – The Best Website App to Mix Songs

Rave DJ is an AI-based platform that you can use to mash two songs together in a matter of minutes. The AI technology used takes care of all the mixing and adjustments so that even a beginner can use the platforms easily to create new music.

Rave DJ is the first successful successor of SKYGGE as an AI platform for mixing music, mashing songs together and creating DJ playlists. Rave DJ 2021 also features a trending page where you can see what mashups other users have created. You’ll find some odd, interesting, good, and sometimes just plain terrible mashups on this page. I mean, have you ever thought of mixing A-Ha and Slipknot?

Another entertaining feature of the Rave DJ mashup creator is that when you choose two music videos from YouTube to be combined, the program also incorporates the video and not just the audio. This means you can have an entertaining audio and video experience.

How to Mix Two Songs Together with Rave DJ

Now that we’ve covered what Rave DJ is, let’s mix two songs together. To clearly illustrate this for you, we will be combining Psy’s Gangnam Style with MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This. We cannot take credit for the mashup, but it is an awesome one to see what this AI technology is capable of, so I highly recommend you give it a try.

Step 1: Head to the Rave DJ Website

First, you need to go to the Rave DJ website.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 2: Open Another Tab to YouTube or Spotify

Now open a second tab in your browser and go to either YouTube or Spotify. For this example, we used YouTube, but Spotify works the same way.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 3: Find the Song You Want on YouTube or Spotify

Search for the song you want by typing the name in the search bar. From the options provided, choose the song you want to use. Remember that when selecting a music video on YouTube, Rave DJ will also combine and overlap the music videos.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 4: Copy the Link and Paste it Into Rave DJ / Type the Song and Artist Name

To copy the link, you can simply copy the URL directly or click on ‘Share’ in the song options and then copy the link.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 5: Paste the Link Into Rave DJ

Now head back to the Rave DJ website tab, and paste the link into the program. Options will come up. Click on the one you want to use, and it will be added to your list shown below the search bar.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 6: Repeat Step 3 and 4 for the Second Song

Now, you can repeat steps three and four to add your second song. Alternatively, if you don’t want to navigate between two windows, you can just type the song and artist name in the search bar, and Rave DJ will give you the options it finds, and you can just choose the correct one.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Step 7: Click on ‘Mashup Two Songs Together’

Now, with both songs added to your list, you can click on the ‘Mashup Two Songs Together’ button and give Rave DJ some time to mix the songs together. Once your mashup is ready, you can click on it to see how well the songs have been combined.

How to Mash Songs Together in 7 Simple Steps

Alternatives to Rave DJ

If you enjoy using Rave DJ, but would like something with a few more features so that you can customize the audio files with a bit more freedom, here are three of the best alternatives to Rave DJ you can try.


Audacity is free-to-use open-source software that has a lot of features for mixing music. Not only can you mix multiple songs, but you also have form creative freedom and can make many more changes to create a new song.
You can download Audacity for Mac and Windows.


This program is another free-to-use audio editing software. It comes very highly rated, and the user reviews are very positive. The program usually comes stock standard on many Apple devices, and you can download GarageBand for Mac, iOS and Android devices.

DJ Mixer Express

DJ Mixer Express for Windows is another free tool that you can use to mix music and create new songs from existing ones. You can even mix music videos and create custom karaoke with this software.

Justin Cabrera

Justin Cabrera

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