Threads receives these updates in its web version

The CEO of Instagram has shared the updates received by the web version of Threads

Threads receives these updates in its web version
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Fran Pérez

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There’s hardly any reader who doesn’t know about Threads, the latest social media platform from Meta, the company behind well-known apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Threads, an app based on Instagram, was initially positioned as one of the best alternatives to Twitter. While it may not be talked about in these terms as much now, it was quite successful when it was first launched in the markets it entered (notably, it has not been released in Europe yet).

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Now, in order to continue evolving and offering the best possible options to its users, Threads has added some interesting updates to its web version. In fact, the news was shared by the CEO of Instagram through a post on Threads, where he also took the opportunity to highlight the most significant changes that this social network is receiving.

Threads continues to receive updates to improve your web experience

In his post on Threads, Adam Mosseri announced that users of Meta’s web version of the platform can now adjust their alternative text for videos and photos when posting from the web. This was the first update shared by Instagram’s CEO, and he also mentioned that users can now copy and paste, as well as drag and drop, multimedia files in their posts.

The other updates include the ability to add multiple posts to a thread before publishing and the option to view quotes and reposts by clicking on the “Like” button on the respective post. As you can see, these are not groundbreaking additions to the Meta social network, but they are indeed useful enhancements for daily use through its web version.

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In any case, it’s a fact that Meta wants to try to do things as well as possible with Threads, despite some aspects that still need to be corrected, and that’s why the company wants to continue improving the user experience when interacting with all possible versions of the mentioned social network.

Fran Pérez

Fran Pérez

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