Top 5 first steps with Football Manager 2023

Top 5 first steps with Football Manager 2023
Leri Koen

Leri Koen

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The latest football management simulation game, Football Manager 2023, has just been released, set to rival FIFA 23. The game is already making waves amongst fans of the franchise for its vast improvements over its predecessors. With new features, new consoles, and licensing to some of the biggest names and titles – now is the time to start being a manager.

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Join us as we discover the top five first steps with Football Manager 2023 to create a successful squad that leads you to league victory.

Is Football Manager 2023 easy?

Football Manager 2023 cannot be described as an easy game, especially for newcomers. It has a steep learning curve and so many options and features that it can become overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. 

When playing FM 2023, there’s no rush or time limit to make decisions. This means you can take time and familiarize yourself with the dashboard and the different features. If you first start a new game, there will also be a few emails in your in-game inbox that include explanations of different sections and tabs, as well as handy tutorials. 

Take the time to review the tutorials and other available resources, and combine that knowledge with the tips below. You’ll soon be managing your squad and rivaling managers like Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho.

Create a good manager

You’ll first have to create your manager upon starting a new game. You can use many cosmetic customizations to change the look of your character; however, this does not affect how well your manager will perform. The last stage of creating your character is defining your managerial style. 

This section is important as it defines your character’s strengths and weaknesses. There are many sections you can focus on, and if you’re unsure of what to pick, use the tick boxes at the top of the screen to automatically distribute your skills according to the team you’re managing. 

first steps with Football Manager 2023

Learn more about your Football Manager 2023 club

A good manager needs to know everything there is about his club. The next screen you’ll see as you enter the game will give you valuable information about your club. Some key factors to look at are your transfer budget, your rivals, and even your facilities. Being aware of these is essential as you might want to improve your facilities. 

The following window will give you an overview of your squad with the top 11 shown on the field in their current tactics, giving you a good idea of what type of tactics the current team is set up for and if you want to work on changing it. You’ll also see all your other players on the right side of the screen, including any with loan obligations.

first steps with Football Manager 2023

Assess your squad

Next, you want to have a detailed look at your squad. The main squad screen will show you a list of all the players in your team and other information such as their condition, morale, and more. You can see more of their stats and details by clicking on a player. Hovering over the little icon to the left of the player’s name, you’ll get a little information popup without having to be directed to a new window. It’s important to know what players you have in your squad and which positions you may be lacking.

first steps with Football Manager 2023

Choose your tactic

Choosing the right tactic for your team is extremely important. Before starting, go to the tactics tab and set the tactic best suited to your managing style and your team. All tactics currently suited to your team will show a thumbs up, making it much easier to choose a good tactic based on the skills and abilities of your players. You can also make other adjustments to your chosen tactic, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by this, you can use the presets as they’re very well-balanced.

first steps with Football Manager 2023

Sign new players

You’ll also want to sign new players. After setting a tactic, you’ll get a chance to see what your squad will look like. You can set it to show the top 11 players for your chosen tactic. From here, you can see if you may need to get better players in certain positions – leading you to look at signing new members to your squad. Use the scouting tab to find new players. 

Enter a new search and input your requirements. Make sure that the ‘Interested in’ box is checked, and change the transfer option to ‘Doubtful’ to see only players willing to discuss a transfer. Before reaching out with an offer, talk to the agent first, as they’ll be able to give you valuable information, such as how much they would cost and if they’d be interested in transferring. This will help a lot when you negotiate with the player and start making offers.

first steps with Football Manager 2023

Manage your own Football Manager 2023 club and beat the other leagues

Dive into the world of managing your favorite football teams with Football Manager 2023. Use our above tips to get you on the right track to build the best possible squad and collect those league trophies.

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If you’re new to the football game, be sure to check out our top tips for FIFA 23.

Leri Koen

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