What’s coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day 1 this November

Game Pass kicks off the first half of November with an obscene amount of games, offering something for every taste.

What’s coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day 1 this November
Álvaro Arbonés

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Although October has not ended yet, we already have to think about November. After all, there are mere hours left until that happens. And that also means that Microsoft has already let us know which games will arrive on Game Pass during the first half of next month. Some very interesting new releases, a couple of surprises, in addition to some games that are arriving today. So, without further ado, let’s go through everything that Microsoft’s service brings us, starting with three games available right now.

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Headbangers: Rhythm Royale (Consoles, PC and Cloud — October 31)

Defined as a Rhythm Royale, it is a game of small rhythmic competitions where we compete against 29 other people to see who emerges victorious from the succession of mini-games we encounter. Like a sort of Fall Guys, but with rhythm-based mini-games and adorable pigeon characters.

Jusant (Consoles, PC and Cloud — October 31)

Probably one of the games of the month is this Jusant. Developed by Don’t Nod, it puts us at the foot of a desolate tower filled with artifacts from past civilizations. With a very satisfying climbing mechanic and beautiful art direction, the game could end up being a small hit.

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Wartales (Consoles, PC and Cloud – October 31)

One of the two surprise arrivals is Wartales. It’s an open-world RPG where we lead a group of mercenaries, managing our team, exploring the world, and earning rewards. All while delving into a vast world long forgotten.

Thirsty Suitors (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 2)

An RPG with a highly interesting artistic design that puts us in a unique situation: we are a young girl named Jala, who returns to her hometown, Timber Hils, to confront her past mistakes. This means facing her exes, reconciling with her own culture, all while engaging in turn-based combat, skateboarding, and cooking mini-games. A curiosity worth noting.

Football Manager 2024 (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 6)

The classic football management video game returns, now with a installment that promises significant changes in team management, both at the micro and macro levels. If you’re looking to play football, this is not your game. But if you want to turn your hometown team into league champions after eighteen seasons and sign unknown players from the Argentine league, this game has hundreds of hours to offer you.

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Dungeons 4 (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 9)

Who said a dungeon has to be a dark and sinister place? Take on the role of the Supreme Evil and build a dungeon where your minions feel comfortable battling against the forces of good in a new iteration of the already classic Dungeons saga. An automatic must-play for fans of Realmforge Studios.

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 9)

Without a doubt, the Game Pass game of the month is Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. It’s a new installment in the Yakuza franchise, now renamed Like A Dragon, which explores what happened to Kazuma Kiryu between the end of Yakuza 6 and the events of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Absolutely essential for franchise fans, but also a must-play for any action game enthusiast.

Wild Hearts (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 9)

Through EA Play, we get Wild Hearts, EA’s take on Monster Hunter. With many interesting ideas and absolutely delightful for cooperative play with friends, it doesn’t have the depth of Capcom’s game but is perfectly enjoyable due to its unique ideas and their consistency. A little treat for those looking for a good game to play with friends.

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Spirittea (Consoles, PC and Cloud — November 13)

A life simulator inspired by Stardew Valley and Spirited Away, in which we manage hot springs and, besides making friends with neighbors, we have to try to find all the spirits that inhabit the area. A calm and relaxing game for fans of cute games.

Coral Island (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Cloud – November 14)

To finish off the first half of the month, Game Pass offers us Coral Island, a farming simulator with a Disney-esque aesthetic, fantasy elements, and a maritime theme. Placing special emphasis on the need for harmony and the importance of romance, it’s the classic farming game for those who want to dive into a game as ubiquitous as it is endless.

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