What Utilities Does Windows 10 Offer?

What Utilities Does Windows 10 Offer?

Windows 10 represents the next generation of operating systems. Since many of its features are stored in the cloud, as opposed to locally on your computer’s hard drive, it comes with a bountiful collection of utilities and tools which are updated and patched regularly for optimal performance and security. Here are some of the most useful utilities Windows 10 has to offer:

1. Windows Phone App for Desktop

Are you tired of hearing your Apple-using friends brag about the automatic syncing among their devices. Fret no more! With the utility Windows Phone App for Desktop, you can store all of your files, photos, videos, and more, and access them from any device you happen to be using, including on your desktop PC at work, from your laptop at home, and with your smartphone on the go.

2. Office for Windows 10

The Office suite of software programs is one of the most powerful and widely-used utilities for both business and personal use. It comes with all the products you’ve come to adore over the years, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and more. Whether you’re writing a report for school in Word, developing a wowing PowerPoint presentation for work, or trying to keep track of your bank accounts with Excel, Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the complete Office 365 suite of software and tools.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Whether you need access to your files and documents from multiple devices or need to share these files and folders with family, friends, or colleagues, OneDrive offers safe, convenient, easy-to-use access. This cloud storage solution also serves as a critical backup in case your local storage drive or device goes bad.

4. A Full Collection of Potent Browsers

Remember when Internet Explorer was THE browser for Windows machines? Not anymore! Windows 10 marked the beginning of the end for Internet Explorer (although it’s still available in version IE 10, if you like), and now you can get tons of browsers for Windows 10. It comes with Edge (the IE replacement) natively, but you can also score Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more. Take your pick!

5. Other Excellent Windows 10 Utilities & Apps to Enjoy!

Love music? Windows 10 comes with Groove Music pre-installed. Movies and television more your thing? It comes with an app for that, too. Windows 10 also boasts:

• OneNote
• A camera and built-in photo storage
• A boatload of fun new games and some old standbys you’ll never quit loving
• Better ways to connect
• Better ways to get directions via the Maps app
• A powerful calendar app
• Money management app
• A clock and alarm
• Much more!

WinRAR is another powerful utility you can use in Windows 10. Check out these WinRAR Tips and Tricks to learn more!

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