What Would you do with an Extra Pair of Arms?

What Would you do with an Extra Pair of Arms?

How productive are you? Today is Monday so maybe you’re not as productive as you’re going to be a little later in the week but on a good day, how productive would you say you are? Do you ever feel like you could get more done? Do you ever feel like you need an extra hand to help you get your work done?

Well if that is you. If you’re a productivity powerhouse, only let down by the limitations of your mortal human body, researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Inami Laboratory might have something for you. Check out MetaLimbs.


MetaLimbs are a wearable pair of arms that you control using your legs and feet. They’re designed to be used whilst sitting down but the fact that you can control them using your toes means there will be some functionality whilst standing. The hands can even be customized for specific tasks.

The videos of MetaLimbs in action are quite freaky to say the least. Spiderman fans will immediately think of Dr. Octopus but there will be plenty of people who’ll be imagining crime free uses for these extra limbs.

Unfortunately, however, MetaLimbs are still in the early stages of development meaning you won’t be seeing anyone with extra arms any time soon. In fact, the device shown in the video is just a prototype and has only been developed for academic reasons.

If you’re interested in an extra pair of arms then, you’ll have to develop your own. It might be worth getting in touch with Inami Laboratory, however, as they said they would be happy to look into potential research collaborations.

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like too much work for a Monday.


via: Digital Trends

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