The Wait is On: 3 iOS 17 Features That Will Leave You Wanting More

Some new features for which we will have to wait a little longer.

The Wait is On: 3 iOS 17 Features That Will Leave You Wanting More
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

With each new iOS update, Apple adds a number of features to the operating system. Some are simple minor changes, some are complete redesigns, and some are specific, targeted improvements. Since the time to develop and test all the changes is limited, sometimes the company decides to leave some of the announced new features for a .1 or .2 version of the operating system.


This has been the case with several recent updates and is also the case with iOS 17. The new operating system, which is expected to be released in September, has several features that we as users will have to wait a little longer to enjoy.

The long-awaited Journal application, the Apple Journal

The first feature we should mention in this peculiar list is the new Journal app. One that, according to Apple, promises to be an intimate and personalized space for us to reflect in a guided way on our day, remember special moments and capture thoughts, images, music and recordings.

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At this point, journaling apps are nothing new in the market, what makes Apple’s proposal special is the deep integration with the iOS ecosystem.

The app will offer personalized suggestions based on recent activity on the device. This could mean that if we have just returned from a trip, the app will suggest creating a journal entry related to that trip, highlighting photos and locations we have visited. An app that has really caught our attention and for which we will have to wait a little longer after the release of iOS 17. According to Apple we will see it “later this year”.

AirDrop transfers over the Internet

AirDrop has been one of the most appreciated features by Apple users for some time now, allowing us fast and very simple file transfers between nearby devices. To the delight of many, with iOS 17, Apple is taking AirDrop a step further.

In addition to other changes such as NameDrop posters, if we attempt to send content to another user and move out of AirDrop range, the transfer will be able to continue over our Internet connection. As long as both we and our recipient have an iCloud account set up on the device, this is a very significant improvement and one with the potential to make file transfers easier in many situations.

However, the new AirDrop feature will not be available immediately after the release of iOS 17. Just as before, it will arrive “later this year.”

Collaborative playlists in Apple Music

For music lovers, Apple Music is one of the leading streaming platforms for several reasons such as the quality of the audio offered or Apple Music Classical. With iOS 17, Apple has announced a long-awaited feature: collaborative playlists. This feature will allow multiple users to add, reorder and delete songs in a shared playlist.

Imagine having a party and allowing all your guests to add their favorite songs to a playlist. The same in a car trip, or similar situations. As useful as this feature sounds, it will not be available immediately. We must wait for it to arrive before the end of the year, most likely with iOS 17.1.


Apple has, in fact, already begun internal testing of iOS version 17.1, and many of these features are expected to be included in that update or subsequent ones. One that, by the looks of it and based on what we’ve learned from previous years, we should see arrive in just over a couple of months.

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David Bernal Raspall

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