WhatsApp has changed! Be sure to watch your data usage!

WhatsApp has changed! Be sure to watch your data usage!

As frequent WhatsApp users, many of us regularly use it to message, call and send content such as images and videos – some of you have even started to make use of the new document-sharing feature. The truth is that all of these activities, big or small, consume our internet data allowance.

You may think that a simple “SMS” doesn’t use much, however you’re probably consuming alot more than you thought. This problem isn’t helped by things like those pesky chat groups, where certain friends and family feel the need to share photos and videos as if there were no tomorrow.

It’s highly advisable to adjust your WhatsApp settings to only allow “automatic download”when only under the limitless capabilities of a WiFi connection. The same goes for choosing the “manually download” option, which effectively avoids the same problem.

Thankfully, WhatsApp recognize how important it is for us to save our data usage, therefore as part of its latest update, the application has added a new feature in Settings that allows us to adjust the data consumption as we please.

We recommend that you take full advantage of this new feature, in order to avoid any nasty surprises in your mobile phone bill, or if you find yourself without data before the end of the month.

Do it now, or you may just regret it!

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