Which Business Tools Are Right For Your Future?

Which Business Tools Are Right For Your Future?

Do you dream of owning your own business? There are many things to take under consideration. You need a business plan, a market analysis, start-up capital, space, and customers.

While the process of starting a small business might seem daunting, there are a number of software programs available that will give your business a leg up on the competition.

Below is a closer look at some of those programs and why they’re essential for any small business:

Gumroad: Need to sell digital products? This shopping cart software is easy to install on a website, encourages checkout, and can automate delivery of purchased digital products. The software also supports pay-what-you-want functionality.

Shopify: For more comprehensive online storefronts, Shopify overlays a shopping platform on top of a website. Shopify manages orders, payment processing, and inventory management.

ScheduleOnce: When you want to manage scheduling online, sync with Google Calendar, block off time for meetings and send meeting reminder emails, this software is a great choice.

Skype: Microsoft now owns Skype and has integrated the free voice and video conferencing feature with its other office programs. This tool includes instant messaging, making it an ideal way to stay in contact with customers, suppliers, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Youneedabudget.com: With this software program, small businesses as well as individuals can track debt, expenses and income in an intuitive interface.

Infusionsoft: There are a number of customer relationship management (CRM) products out there. This product helps small businesses manage emails, automate marketing processes, organize, and sell online.

PicMonkey: When you need to edit images and graphics for blogs, social media or publications, this free online tool is the way to go.

Scrivener: If your small business involves news or creative writing, this tool helps you map projects, conduct research, build outlines, write, and edit longer projects. Scrivener understands that inspiration occurs at odd moments and writing chronologically is not always the way to go.

Gratitude Journal: Studies show that people who reflect on a point of gratitude every day are happier. For a few minutes of reflection, your mind will be sharper, you’ll feel better, and that attitude will show in your business.

Moz: Formerly SEOmoz, this suite of tools helps small businesses manage online content and marketing and improve search results.

Rapportive: Do you want to add a boost to your email program. This free Gmail plug-in shows social media connections and contact details within your inbox. The plug-in shows photos, social media links, locations, and past email conversations.

Meetup: Running your own business can be lonely. At meetup.com, you can find social and networking events both formal and casual to meet like-minded entrepreneurs in your area.

Evernote: With Evernote, you can track notes, pictures, files and to-do lists in one place that syncs across devices, lets you share files and send yourself reminders.

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