Will we ever watch Tom Hiddleston as Loki again, hear from himself

Will we ever watch Tom Hiddleston as Loki again, hear from himself
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Loki’s journey within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has undeniably crafted a more intricate and compelling storyline than most of the Avengers’ adventures. This narrative thread has meandered through six films and a Disney+ TV series. However, in a recent interview, Tom Hiddleston dropped hints that his tenure as Loki might not be ending anytime soon.


In a conversation with BBC Radio 1‘s Ali Plumb after the conclusion of Loki season 2, Tom Hiddleston, who initially portrayed Loki in 2011’s Thor, reflected on the significance of the character in his career. When Plumb playfully asked Hiddleston if he’d contemplate returning to the role, Hiddleston replied with a quick and confident “Certainly.” He then intriguingly added, “In fact, I think I still am, in some way,” accompanied by a sly smile.

Hiddleston’s cryptic response suggests that he may not be ready to retire Loki’s iconic horned helmet just yet. With Marvel’s exploration of the multiverse, it leaves the door wide open for the possibility of encountering a different version of the Norse god in the not-so-distant future.

Tom Hiddleston, in discussing the important costume change for his character in Loki season 2, highlights a significant shift during the finale. As Loki bravely sacrifices himself for his allies, his standard TVA attire transforms, revealing a new costume more fitting of a deity, complete with an updated horned helmet.

Discussing the evolution of the costume, Hiddleston reflects on his collaboration with the costume director. “I talked with Christine Wada, our costume director, about it and it was actually our first fitting,” he shared. From the outset, they envisioned the character’s final look.

The actor then sheds light on the conceptual shift behind the new design. “It was kind of about being sort of monastic and humble,” he points out, drawing a distinction from Loki’s traditionally ornate, gold-adorned costumes.

Finally, Hiddleston underscores the deeper thematic resonance of the new attire. “This was about something more utilitarian and sort of [portraying] this lonely, solitary figure at the end of time,” he explains, suggesting an intentional focus on vulnerability in the character’s latest depiction.

Hiddleston improvised the season finale

In the aftermath of Loki’s season finale, a notable point of discussion has been Tom Hiddleston’s improvisation of his character’s concluding lines, echoing a memorable moment from the 2011 film Thor.

Hiddleston recalled the genesis of those lines. “It wasn’t written, I felt it,” he stated, acknowledging the significance of that moment in the production timeline.

The actor detailed the lead-up to the improvisation. “[Directors] Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson turned to me and said ‘I think in about 30 minutes, we’re downstairs and it’s on you, before you go out there [for your final scene],’” he recounted. Aaron encouraged Hiddleston to ponder the character’s final words, offering him time to reflect.

During this period, Hiddleston ventured for a jog around the Pinewood Studios, with film scores accompanying him. It was Patrick Doyle’s music from Thor that sparked a pivotal recollection of a scene where Loki, fraught with emotion, tells his father, “I could’ve done it father, I could’ve done it. For you, for all of us,” before an apparent fatal fall.

“This evoked an idea,” Hiddleston added, sharing his epiphany with Aaron, Justin, and producer Kevin Wright: “Guys, I think I’ve got it. Here’s what he should say: ‘I know what I want. I know what kind of God I need to be. For you, for all of us.’”


Hiddleston concluded, recalling the directors’ affirming response to his suggestion: “And they opened their eyes and they went ‘Yes.’”

You can watch the full interview of BBC 1 Radio 1 below:

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