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Work Smarter and Faster Using These Utilities in Windows 10! – Utilities

Automation is the name of the game – tools and utilities that make lots of tedious, time-consuming, and potentially frustrating tasks go faster, smoother, and all without much help from you! These tools are specifically designed for Windows 10 and make many of your common, everyday tasks faster and easier.

1. Skype for Windows 10

Why are you still paying outrageous rates for a landline when all you need is Skype to stay in touch with business colleagues, friends, and family from any of your devices, all the time? Skype for Windows 10 does much more than just calls, too. You can have multiple numbers (say, one for work and one for biz), and take advantage of some of the most powerful chat and messaging features around. Use your account at home, work, and via your cell phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere.

2. Microsoft Security Scanner

There are about one million newly identified pieces of malware hitting the Internet every day. That means that you need to scan your computer regularly and frequently, just in case. Microsoft Security Scanner is always updated with protection for the latest threats. It’s free and can remove viruses, spyware, adware, and other malicious software. It even works with your other security software (like AVG or Avast) for seamless protection all the time.

3. DirectX

DirectX is a group of tools designed to handle multimedia more efficiently. It’s ideal for gaming or for improving any audio or video experience on your Windows 10 machine. DirectX is a catch-all term for an entire group of software packages (called APIs or Application Programming Interfaces) developed by Microsoft for gamers to get the best gaming experience possible. It even comes with Direct3D, the 3D graphics API. DirectX is updated often automatically by Microsoft, meaning you typically won’t have to do anything to get the latest version.

4. Storage & Syncing Apps

If you use multiple devices, whether they’re all running Windows 10 or not, you can store your files and data in the cloud and access it via any of your devices, anytime. There are tons of storage and syncing apps available at Softonic, including Dropbox for Windows 10, Android Sync Manager, SHAREit, and more.

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