Your mobile could be at risk if you don’t deactivate the new function on WhatsApp

The latest version of WhatApp for Android has recently been updated with an awesome new function that allows you to send documents to your contacts. Doesn’t sound that dangerous does it? Allow us to explain.

The function allows users to share text documents, presentations and spreadsheets, however the files need to be in PDF format, with the plan to introduce compatilibility with DOCX and PPT eventually.

For now, this feature on the app downloaded from the APK on the WhatsApp website, but will no doubt be available soon through an automatic update.

So, it sounds pretty great doesn’t it? But there’s just one little aspect of this feature which could put your cellphone at risk.

This new feature of allowing to send and receive documents could make your mobile vulnerable to various viruses, but only if you don’t deactivate the option to automatically download attachments.

In order to deactivate it, go to Settings, and Chat, and make sure you are not automatically downloading any media (this will require you to now approve the files that are sent to you before downloading them).

Now you can enjoy this new feature without the fear of something nasty getting into your device!

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