Download Educational Games For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. Can you perform major heart surgery?

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a free game which recreates the difficult task of trying to perform a life saving operation. You play the part of a surgeon Nigel...

  2. Terasology

    • 4
    • (261 votes)

    Free and Open-Source Sandbox for Fans of Minecraft

    Fans of Minecraft will be pleased to know that there is a new open-source variant of this popular game available to the general public. As Terasology is a...

  3. It's Just Like It Says: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a first-person multiplayer co-op game where one player is given the computer screen, complete with a bomb that'll kill...

  4. A free PC games program for Windows

    SR 3D Builder is a free game only available for Windows, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Educational and has been created by Sergio Reano.

  5. Study a huge range of mathematics for free

    Sage Math is a study tool for people who want to learn about math. It is an open-source program that is built on over 100 other open-source math programs. It...

  6. A fun educational game for kids

    Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom is an educational game for children that gives them the opportunity to use their imagination while also learning valuable...

  7. Realistic 3D motor vehicle engineer simulation game, free to download

    This fantastic three-dimensional experience, allows you to put yourself in the place of a car mechanic, in charge of a busy garage. Amazing graphics allow...

  8. Jmol

    • 2.5
    • (20 votes)

    A Free (GPL) Science & education program for Windows

    Jmol is a great, free (gpl) program only available for Windows, being part of the category Science & education software with subcategory Astronomy and has...

  9. A Touch Of History, Subdued In Darkness.

    Valiant Hearts the Great War is a graphic novel about soldiers and civilians simply trying to survive and find humanity during World War 1. The name might...

  10. How far does your knowledge of trivia go?

    Trivia Machine is a game to test your trivia prowess for Windows PCs.If you think you're a master of all things trivia, get ready to put that to the test....

  11. Open Hexagon

    • 3.5
    • (122 votes)

    A Free (GPL) Educational game for Windows

    Open Hexagon is a great, free (gpl) game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Educational and has been created by...

  12. Build your own railroads and stay on schedule

    Train Valley 2 is a train tycoon puzzle computer game and sequel to the original Train Valley. As a simulation game similar in style to games like...

  13. Moonbase Alpha

    • 3.5
    • (185 votes)

    Multiplayer astronaut simulation on the Moon

    Moonbase Alpha is NASA's multiplayer simulation of life on a sustainable base on the Moon. A meteor strike has damaged the energy and oxygen supplies, and...

  14. Istation

    • 3.9
    • (47 votes)

    A free learning hub for students

    Istation is a free reference and education web app that provides users with several educational resources for mathematics, comprehension, and language....

  15. Explore and learn in Ocean Rift

    Ocean Rift is a VR undersea life simulator that lets you explore a range of different ocean environments and meet sea creatures ranging from whales, sharks...

  16. Excellent and Intuitive Desktop System for Children

    Easybits Magic Desktop is an excellent way to create a fun and stimulating learning environment for your little ones. If you have been concerned in regards...

  17. Free reference manager runs on all platforms

    JabRef is an advanced reference manager that facilitates grouping of entries based on both keywords and general search terms. It includes a cite-as-you-write...