Best 2d survival and crafting or exploration games for pc


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Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game with the objective of digging, exploring, fighting, and building. Developed and published by Re-Logic, this game is available to play on Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.

  • Rose Jacobs

    by Rose Jacobs

    I was seeking out a 2D exploration game for my PC to pass the time at home in the evenings. I tried Terraria and enjoyed it. It has fun 2D graphics an More

  • Terry Gonzalez

    by Terry Gonzalez

    As a retro game lover, this one is possibly the best game I've ever encountered and have had the pleasure of playing. So many things to do, so many th More

  • Roy Welch

    by Roy Welch

    This is so much fun! It's almost like Mario meets Minecraft which is really cool. If you enjoy builder type games than this is for you.


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Starbound is a multiplayer sandbox action-adventure video game which is set in a two-dimensional universe. This features story-based missions, and players must explore to obtain new weapons and visit towns. 

  • Sarah Fox

    by Sarah Fox

    Eventually grew tired of the Terraria theme of swords and shite, so I tried this game out. It's like the same, but with more futuristic stuff, new env More

  • by Benjamin Little

    The solution works. Starbound is a great survival game in 2D form.

  • by Jane Porter

    Well, it sounded good. Ladies, trust me on this: it isn't for the vast majority of us. My mom watched me play this. and then leaned over my shoulder a More

3.Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulation video game developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish. It is available for computers with Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

  • Virginia Pacheco

    by Virginia Pacheco

    It handles pretty smoothly on lower end devices and there's a huge map to explore and build upon. Though it might not be the best, it most certainly d More

  • Lucy Mao

    by Lucy Mao

    Stardew Valley is a 2D crafting/exploration game that I've found to be extremely addictive. It's like a farming game and RPG mixed together. It's rela More

  • Jonathan Bishop

    by Jonathan Bishop

    This already looks like a lot more fun than Farmville. I want to chop down some trees and plow some land. This game seems like it would be very relaxi More

  • Guadalupe Morales

    by Guadalupe Morales

    This is a great interactive game. It's definitely helped fulfill my craving for this type of gameplay. I recommend it to all my friends and now they'r More

4.Junk Jack

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Junk Jack is a multiplayer 2D sandbox exploration, mining, and crafting game. You can build and improve your home, tame and breed creatures, cook foods, collect animal companions, grow flowers and play with your friends.
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  • Joe Morales

    by Joe Morales

    Junk Jack is an excellent 2D sandbox game that does a great job recreating that spirit of exploration and self-discovery that will be instantly bring  More

  • Roberto Carrera

    by Roberto Carrera

    To the sad nerd who said that this game is a ripoff of Terraria, well fun fact for you, game devs do it all the time! A game doesn't have a copyright  More

  • by Petra Robles

    Junk Jack is on a Steam Platform, which is very appealing to today's generations. It enhances problem solving skills and teaches strategic planing to  More

  • by Virginia Guzmán

    Junk Jack is a poorly disguised Terraria ripoff. If you want to play Terraria in space, go play Starbound. If you want to play Terraria, play Terraria More


Paid: $14.99
Deadlight is a scrolling platform and shooter game set at the end of the world. You are one of the few survivors left and must run and escape for your life from the million zombies that are out to get you.
  • Harry Freeman

    by Harry Freeman

    This game was not my fave. I found the gameplay to be a little confusing and tougher than I like. I know some friends of mine that would really enjoy  More

  • Kathryn Gomez

    by Kathryn Gomez

    Rarely get to see a zombie-themed sidescrolling game, but Deadlight was executed nicely. Ambient sounds, and the surroundings that would most certainl More

  • Sai Kapoor

    by Sai Kapoor

    I wanted a 2d exploration game. This game isn't 100% 2d, but its not full 3d, either. Its fun, has great ratings, and looks amazing on my PC. I recomm More

  • Juan Hart

    by Juan Hart

    Deadlight isn't really too fun. The game and storyline is pretty generic and the game feels more like a money grab than a money maker.

  • Rachel Ruiz

    by Rachel Ruiz

    Another zombie game. Nothing worth highlighting, pretty average.

  • Vihaan Khan

    by Vihaan Khan

    This is a 2d action game set in an atmospheric style apocalypse. It's only $15 so not a huge investment.

6.The Swapper

Paid: $14.99

The Swapper is a puzzle Metroidvania video game developed and published by Facepalm Games. Released in 2013, this game is available to play on PlayStation, Windows PC, Linux, macOS and Wii U.

  • Terry Beck

    by Terry Beck

    These puzzles are well designed, and sometimes when I take a day off and come back to them with a fresh set of eyes, the solutions come to me. The Swa More

  • Tammy Chapman

    by Tammy Chapman

    This game looks like a great puzzle game, but it won't load on my computer for some reason. I want to get my money back, but I keep holding out that i More

  • Song Hue

    by Song Hue

    The swapper is a really great game. It's very addicting and immersive. I really feel like I become part of it - even though it's just a 2D game. It ha More

  • by Robert Hicks

    The graphics have a distinctive look due to the developer's choice and the careful use of lighting.Mostly the game consists of exploring the Thesus V  More


Paid: $9.99
In Shelter you'll take the role of a mother badger trying to protect her little cubs. You will need to find food for them, escape from birds of prey, run from the fires and get safe from all the different perils and menaces you can find in the wilderness being a family of little animals. 
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  • Jeffrey Miller

    by Jeffrey Miller

    Shelter is kind of an odd, offbeat game, but if you're looking for a more traditional survival or crafting type game, it might not be for you. It's ki More

  • Arthur Gutierrez

    by Arthur Gutierrez

    I just love this one. There are so many different problems to overcome. It's just too fun!

  • Tyler Black

    by Tyler Black

    This one is an excellent test of survival for young and old where you have the job of playing the mother badger and having to look out for your cubs.  More

  • Eugene Bradley

    by Eugene Bradley

    When looking for a 2D survival game, Shelter was interesting. Although not actually a 2D survival game, it met all of my needs and was very enjoyable!