Best android games like pubg

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) has taken over the world with its brand of 'last man standing deathmatch' gaming. The online multiplayer battle generates new players by the day leading a new wave in online gaming. Check out this list to find more Android games like PUBG that you can enjoy as well.

1.Grand Battle Royale

with in-app purchases
Grand Battle Royale is an online multiplayer survival game for mobile that lets players battle it out in a huge open world. Players play as pixelated characters that jump out of airplanes to fight each other in a deathmatch.
  • Alexander Mills

    by Alexander Mills

    This is one of the best battle royal games like PUBG that I've ever played. The gameplay fits the pixel characters in it very well. If I were to repla More

  • Roger Gray

    by Roger Gray

    Great game but has a wide room for improvement. The controls needs alot of improvements. The graphics are fine, nothing to worry. Here are some of my  More

  • phoenix games null

    by phoenix games null

    ScarFall is better

2.Survivor Royale

with in-app purchases

Survivor Royale is a free game for Android and iOS that scatters 100 defenseless players into a large map that has weapons randomly scattered around it. The playing area slowly shrinks over the course of 20 minutes and only one survives.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Mature 17+

  • Category:Strategy

  • Publisher:NetEase Games

  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Edison Meng

    by Edison Meng

    The best all-around battle royale out there. I just love wasting my time playing this game on my Android phone just like I did with PUBG. Excellent ga More

  • by Ankita Patel

    This game is one of the best in it's genre, with real clarity and ease to play. It is as close to real as one can get with an app.

3.Rules of Survival

with in-app purchases
Rules of Survival is a free game for iOS and Android in which you have to be the last survivor of the original players that start at the beginning. Will you be the one? The desert island is awaiting you.
  • Annie Xu

    by Annie Xu

    This is really like PUNG but the main thing I like about this game is that its much bigger in size and battling with 299 other players is much better. More

  • by Dorothy Sanders

    A great game to play on your mobile phone. It is very much like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds; the theme is the same and the graphics are awesome. If More

  • Matthew Bishop

    by Matthew Bishop

    best app

  • Priya Roy

    by Priya Roy

    I love the game.this game is lot of mods.i really love with this game

4.Pixel Gun 3D

with in-app purchases

Pixel Gun 3D is a free-to-play action survival game for Android and iOS mobile devices. It features different modes such as Battle Royale, Cooperative, and Survival. Players can also create their own skin and use in the multiplayer game.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Bella Zeng

    by Bella Zeng

    The survival mode in this game is so fun to play. For sure, one of the best games like PUBG that you can play for Android

5.Kingdom Rush

Paid: $9.99 with in-app purchases

Kingdom Rush is a real-time single-player tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. Published by Armor Games and originally released on July 28, 2011, it is the first of third games in the Kingdom Rush game series.

  • Wei Zhang

    by Wei Zhang

    I love the pixelated characters. Very similar to PUBG and Battle Royale but I love it

  • Stephen Grant

    by Stephen Grant

    I had very low expectations for Kingdom Rush since it was a free game, but I was I ever surprised. This game is absolutely awesome! I was just looking More

6.Black Survival

with in-app purchases

Black Survival is a survival game for iOS and Android devices, battle royal styled in which ten people land on a desert island and have to compete for 20 minutes to survive. 

  •  José Antonio Camacho

    by José Antonio Camacho

    I like the limited number of players in this PVP game compared to PUBG and other similar games. Makes my instinct sharper. Thanks, they have this for  More

  • by Madison Williamson

    Black survival is a lovely game in and of itself, but it's more formulaic than PUBG and is closer to a combination of a point and click puzzle and a t More

7.Knives Out

with in-app purchases

Knives Out is a free Android and iOS game in which players get into a battle royale arena with one hundred warriors, and only one of them will survive. Players can play by themselves or as part of a squad.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:17+

  • Category:Games,Adventure,Strategy

  • Publisher:Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited

  • Size:793.33 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Nicolás Carrasco

    by Nicolás Carrasco

    You parachute down, loot weapons and mods, kill others, survive and eventually get that chicken dinner. Very similar to PUBG and is just as enjoyable. More

  • Roger Reid

    by Roger Reid

    So I've given Knives Out a try and I think it's really enjoyable. There are definite flaws in it. I have an issue with some of the gameplay and intuit More

8.Radiation Island

Paid: $2.99
Radiation Island is a survival game for Android and iOS in which you have to explore and avoid all the dangers that await for you in an artificial island, created as an experiment. Leaderboards available.
  • Website:
  • Age rating:12+

  • Category:Games,Entertainment,Action,Adventure


  • Size:1.53 GB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Michael Fields

    by Michael Fields

    This definitely should be ranked higher for games like PUBG for Android. The overall premise of the game just gives it a more original vibe. That's wh More

  • Amber Reid

    by Amber Reid

    I love this island game. It is a lot of fun to collect items and explore. Awesome graphics. This is a great adventure game.


Did you know that the brains behind PUBG was an Irish? He is Brendan Greene. He was born in Ireland but moved to Brazil to work as a photographer and web developer. He stayed in South American country for two years but eventually came back to Ireland. Here, he began making his own way into game development. This was a time when classic game Arma 2 was modded into DayZ: Battle Royale. The immense success that the game had opened Greene's eyes. Months later, he went to Seoul as South Korean company Bluehole had hired him. They were impressed by Greene’s ideas on battle royale games. This resulted in Greene being the company's creative director. In mid-2016, the development of PUBG started and the rest is history.

According to a report by the research firm SuperData, PUBG was the highest-earning premium game in 2018. The game earned a total of over $1 billion in digital revenue. The game is considered as one of the more successful games today. The game’s mobile version has also raked in large numbers, raking in $32.5 million worldwide in November 2018 alone. Despite Fortnite being the most famous battle royal game at that time, PUBG rivaled it well. By December 2018, the game's earnings reached over $200 million to give it a great position in the battle royal games arena. The battle royal genre brings drama and excitement into the gaming world. No doubt, PUBG has made its mark with this era of gamers. Today, the genre's premium console revenue, Steam, has even forecasted the game to earn $7 billion in 2019.