Best apps for identifying animals and plants


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With PlantNet Plant Identification you can get and share information about flowers and plants. This app works with the contributions of its users. It features a software that has visual recognition to help identify unknown plants.

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  • Age rating:Everyone 10+

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  • Peter Hu

    by Peter Hu

    This app is great idea, however, it does not always deliver. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and find myself often wondering what certain trees or plants ar More

  • Trevor & Ro Atkins null

    by Trevor & Ro Atkins null

    This will not download to my pc. Should it?


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With iPflanzen, you can know all about any plant or flower. The app has a big database of garden and forest plants.  Also, you will see image examples of each plant and you will get to know both their common and scientific names.

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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Reference,Education

  • Publisher:Andreas Garzotto GmbH

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  • by Harry Lewis

    I'm a bit of a hobby gardener, but always felt a bit foolish that there were so many local landscaping plants I couldn't identify. This app takes a li More

  • Dennis Carr

    by Dennis Carr

    This is a really great idea. Unfortunately, I am sadly lacking in the botany department, so I really have no idea how accurate this is. The app itself More


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iNaturalist lets you identify quickly and easily plants and animals. With this useful app, you can discover new species, receive suggestions, and much more! It is also now partnered with the National Geographic Society.

  •  José Guadalupe Macías

    by José Guadalupe Macías

    I live in a rural area and knew very little about the plants that are in my surrounding area. I used this app and I now know which plants I need to avoid. It really help me with finding plants that can be very beneficial as well. If you are curious a More

4.MyNature Animal Tracks

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With this smart app, you can identify animals through their tracks. This useful tool lets you identify over 46 animals across North America.

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  • John Schmidt

    by John Schmidt

    This has a huge database. Rarely gets animals wrong. It's useful for hikers or other outdoorsy types.


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FlowerChecker is an app helps you to recognize any plant. Take a photo of the plant and the team of FlowerChecker will say you what plant is. The app has been able to identify an average of 90 plants and takes minutes to hours to do so.

  • by Luz María Salas

    This app helps identify plants, but not animals. It does a great job for plants identification. Highly recommend.