Best daily planner apps for iphone or ipad


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Timetastic is a leave planner app that enables users to plan their time off at work. It is ideal for managers and employees to make time off requests hassle-free. Reports can also be downloadable to keep track of everything easily.

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  • Jennifer Wheeler

    by Jennifer Wheeler

    This app is to book time off of work not so much to plan your day. It wouldn't do what I need it to do so overall this solution just doesn't fit what  More

  • David Ávalos

    by David Ávalos

    Not really what I am needing since this is for time-off in offices.

  • Janet Castillo

    by Janet Castillo

    Nice planner app focusing on being alerted on leaves. Now I get real-time notifications whenever my people would take a leave on the day from work.

  • Andrew Ortiz

    by Andrew Ortiz

    Helps plan the day and keep organized. What you would expect.

2.Jorte Calendar & Organizer

with in-app purchases
Jorte Calendar is an app which is designed for keeping track of daily schedules and events. It allows users to sync iOS calendar, Google calendar, and more. It also lets users view and tweak their schedule in a variety of ways.
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  • Age rating:Everyone

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  • Publisher:Jorte Inc.

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  • Arthur Murphy

    by Arthur Murphy

    Being a manager, it's so difficult to track all my appointments especially that I always have meetings with different clients, and there are even time More

  • Judith Patel

    by Judith Patel

    A really effective app. This has a lot of features but all of them are a great help for your scheduling. I like this.

  • Kathy Hill

    by Kathy Hill

    I like how functional all the buttons are found in this app. Perhaps my only complain is that the monthly subscription is kinda expensive for such sim More

  • Juan Dean

    by Juan Dean

    I have been looking for a decent daily planner app for iPhone or iPad and I found Jorte Calendar & Organizer. This syncs with Google calendar a


  • Stephanie Hunter

    by Stephanie Hunter

    With my busy schedule, I was in terrible need for someway to get my life organized. I found this app on a fluke and it has been my savior. I can't bel More


Paid: $2.99 With in-app purchases

The Meeting Planner by is an app for Android and iOS which calculates the most convenient meeting time and visualizes normal business hours. It also tracks time worldwide and also takes account of daylight savings time. 

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  • Thomas Patel

    by Thomas Patel

    Since I am doing business with people all around the world. The world time feature of this really helped me.


with in-app purchases
Timepage is a Moleskine calendar that helps you to stay organized. It has an intuitive and clear interface that allows you to check your agenda and add events to it. It features also maps and weather information.
  • William Deng

    by William Deng

    The design is really nice to look at. This allowed me to plan my daily meetings easily, the maps and weather information is a great help too.

5.Calendars 5

Paid: $6.99 With in-app purchases

Calendars 5 is a planner app exclusive for iOS users. You can choose from daily, weekly or monthly view, always focusing on the scheduled events so you don't miss a thing. 

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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Utilities,Productivity

  • Publisher:Readdle Inc.

  • Size:76.72 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Michelle Robinson

    by Michelle Robinson

    Really loveeeeeeeee the layout of this app. And it does it job well, so I'm sticking with this.


with in-app purchases

Simpliday is designed for meetings, reminders, and email all in a single app. It can be used to share meetings, assign reminders and create descriptions, and so on. This app can also be connected to Google Drive, iCloud, and more.

  •  Juan Antonio Sotelo

    by Juan Antonio Sotelo

    I ended up throwing out my calendar this year in favor or something more up to date. Decided to try this app out for my planning. Not disappointed, th More

  • Bobby Lawrence

    by Bobby Lawrence

    This being connected to my iCloud is a blessing! This really do a great job on making my plans really planned out.

  • Brittany Patel

    by Brittany Patel

    Great planner. Has everything I need and then some more. Really easy to use.

  • Joseph Estrada

    by Joseph Estrada

    My life is crazy busy these day. I needed a simple to use, all in one daily planner for my iPhone. Simpliday brings everything together in one plan an More

7.Peek Calendar

Paid: $5.99 with in-app purchases

Peek Calendar is an easy-to-use calendar app that allows users to have a complete view of their schedule. It is ideal for organizing appointments such as time and place. It is also designed to sync other calendars like Google Calendar.

  • Christina Brooks

    by Christina Brooks

    I spent a few dollars just to have this and I can tell that it's kinda worth it for its price. Not that expensive. What I like the most is the simple  More

  • Wu Wen

    by Wu Wen

    The layout of this app is really nice and simple and I really like it!

  • Philip Weber

    by Philip Weber

    I like how pleasing to the eyes the layout is. This app's pretty easy to navigate and such.

  • William Bailey

    by William Bailey

    Peek isn't your normal app and it took me awhile to figure out how to use it. Eventually I realized they were on to something because the simplistic U More

  • Simon Huang

    by Simon Huang

    For me, peek has added some much needed flavor to my schedule, instead of me always looking at a boring calendar. With my entire schedule all in one p More

  • Гарри Орлов null

    by Гарри Орлов null

    The app is really not bad and I'd recommend it to friends, but for the money it is too simple. Not enough functionality. For example, the Weeek app is More


with in-app purchases

iXalendar is a calendar app that enables users to manage all their appointments easily. This effective app features several tools such as a birthday calendar, event countdown, holiday calendar, lunar calendar, and more.

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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Productivity

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  • Phillip Powell

    by Phillip Powell

    This is an alright program, able to enter in and keep schedules and other things handy on a calendar. However the app ends up alerting me to events wi More

  • Tammy Johnson

    by Tammy Johnson

    Meh, nothing new. It is just like the regular calendar app on your phone.

  • Joshua Chavez

    by Joshua Chavez

    Such a simple helpful app for the simple needs that I need!

  • Lisa Henderson

    by Lisa Henderson

    it's nothing new, it looks like the calendar of my phone


with in-app purchases

Informant is an app that features a calendar, notes and tasks management, contacts, and more. It is also designed to let users sync their information from other resources like Google Calendar, Evernote, Google Tasks, and so on.

  • Rachel Murphy

    by Rachel Murphy

    I always need to know what I'm doing next - if I depended on my memory, I'd never do anything. So I've tried a lot of the planner apps out there and n More

  • Jerry Medina

    by Jerry Medina


  • Arturo Vargas

    by Arturo Vargas

    Wow this is such a helpful app for me to plan my day! Only this app somehow affected the longevity of my battery life but regardless, this is so helpf More

  • Consuelo Rivas

    by Consuelo Rivas

    Informant used to be a good planner app but too bad that it's no longer available on app store and Im not even sure why... I used this because its sim More

10.Schedule Planner

with in-app purchases

Schedule Planner is a useful app to organize your tasks and save time. It has a simple interface and allows you to create and track daily tasks. You can divide them into categories and monitor their statistics.

  • Vivian Liang

    by Vivian Liang

    This schedule planner is SOOOO VERY EFFECTIVE for my everyday planning, though I am just a college student, I have to balance everything and ensure th More

  • Yao Duan

    by Yao Duan

    It is very simple and easy to understand, I never had a hard time with my schedules when I started using this.

  • Anthony Vargas

    by Anthony Vargas

    My schedule's kinda messy so I'm glad to have found help through this app for tracking my day!

  • Chen Yao

    by Chen Yao

    A nice planner application. It has quite a few features. This worked really well for me. It was simple and I was able to put in my schedule without


  • Doris Jimenez

    by Doris Jimenez

    It's alright but it seriously has a ton of features that I'll never use. If you need detailed breakdowns about how you're spending your time though, y More

11.Fantastical 2

Paid: $4.99

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app for iOS and Mac. It includes Reminders! which notifies you of your scheduled activities, a new parser feature that organizes your activities with keywords, and a user-friendly interface. 

  •  José Antonio Camacho

    by José Antonio Camacho

    This is like Google Calendar, iOS version. Really effective and easy to use. I like it.


Free download

Weeek is a free and easy-to-use mobile application which will help its users to effectively manage their personal time and teamwork. This will cover any users' needs from shopping lists to large scale projects. 

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  • Полина Лучкова null

    by Полина Лучкова null

    I use Weeek app. Good app, nice interface, performs its functions perfectly.

13.Week Calendar

with in-app purchases

Week Calendar provides you with a complete overview of your appointments and events during an entire week and also a year. It is the perfect app for those with a full of commitments life.

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  • Ronald Pena

    by Ronald Pena

    The color coding really helped me organizing my schedule. The interface is neat too.


Paid: $5.99

CalenGoo is a premium calendar app for Android and iOS that has a built-in task management system and many customization and sync options with other services like Evernote or Google Calendar, among others.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Productivity

  • Publisher:Dominique Andre Gunia

  • Size:9.23 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Dorothy Wallace

    by Dorothy Wallace

    I like that it sync all of my services into one calendar. The interface is nice too.


Did you know that 20% of individuals consider themselves as procrastinators? Have you ever set your mind to an important task for the day but ended up not accomplishing the task at hand? According to Ana Swanson, some people tend to procrastinate because it links with how our brain works. As well as our deeper perceptions of time and the self. This suggests that one may think he or she has so much time to complete an important task. That is until the person ends up running out of time. As told by Lee Iacocca, "If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got." One good form of time management is daily planning and setting goals to follow. This is possible if you have your mind set to follow through with actions.

Technology and the use of smartphones help in making tasks easier to complete. Some Android and iOS apps are helpful in boosting one's productivity. They come in the form of planner or schedule apps. These daily planner apps are useful for managing one's time on a particular day. These schedule apps are also made to help people plan the tasks ahead of time. So that people can track their daily tasks and avoid missing out important reminders.