Best flight tracker apps

Want to keep tabs on flights to your dream destination? Check out these best flight tracking apps and never miss out on upcoming flights! You can also share your insights about the best flight tracker from your experience that is on this list.

1.FlightAware Flight Tracker

with in-app purchases

This free app lets you track the real-time flight status of any flight you want! It is also a  useful tool to get flight notifications.

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  • Kimberly Gomez

    by Kimberly Gomez

    I needed the best flight tracker apps on Android. I found Flightaware flight tracker and is was free. Easy to use and learn though, so I like it.

  • Sharon Vasquez

    by Sharon Vasquez

    FlightAware Flight Tracker does the job overall, but I do have say the ads on this app are over the top. If you have another option, I suggest you go  More

  • Amber Rose

    by Amber Rose

    If you are wondering what app you should be using for flight tracking, you should consider the FlightAware Flight Tracker. This flight tracker app all More


Free download
FlightView is an app for both iOS and Android that will allow you to track upcoming and in-air flights, receive through push notifications status alerts, gate assignments, delays, cancellations and the chance to see in real time the progress of any flight in the map.
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  • Christopher Meyer

    by Christopher Meyer

    Busy travelers and casual travelers alike must have this app. It keeps track of all your flight and gives you up to date gate info. I was very impress More

  • Wayne Little

    by Wayne Little


  • Russell Ruiz

    by Russell Ruiz

    FlightView is an easy to use flight tracker available as an iphone app. It makes tracking flights and keeping track of delays a breeze. You'll know wh More

3.App in the Air

with in-app purchases

App in the Air is a personal flying assistant application designed for those who love to fly! Among other things, this useful tool provides you with helpful airport tips and in-airport navigation maps.

  • Kyle Gibson

    by Kyle Gibson

    My job requires me to fly a lot, so I constantly have to keep up with flight schedules and changes. I needed something that would help me stay organized and decided to try App in the Air. I have been very impressed by this app. It has made my life so More


with in-app purchases
If you want a live plane tracker inside your smartphone, then you have to get this app! Flightradar24 allows you to see aircraft move around the world, search for specific flights, and much more! 

  • Roger Dunn

    by Roger Dunn

    Flightradar24 is a great Android app for tracking flights. My favorite part of the app is the map view where you can follow your tracked flight across More

  • Patricia Morris

    by Patricia Morris

    Yes, I think it's very convenient, and everyone should keep it to themselves. It is profitable and high-quality.

  • Kathryn Edwards

    by Kathryn Edwards

    This travel app would be more useful if the trial was longer. You get the most out of it if you pay.

5.Flightview Plus

Paid: $0.99

Flightview Plus is a simple but powerful app for iOS and Android devices that allows people to easily track their flights. With this complete tool, you can check gate assignments, flight's progress, and much more!

  • by Anika Tambe

    While I don't think of Flightview Plus when asked about the best flight tracker app, it is still a very worthy option if you're looking for one. Easy  More

  • Charles Wells

    by Charles Wells

    Flightview Plus is helpful for tracking the progress of flights, and it also provides helpful information about local weather conditions as well as ge More

  • Adam Black

    by Adam Black

    I'm not too experienced with flight tracker apps, but I was overall satisfied with Flightview Plus. Don't expect a million different settings and opti More

  • Edward Powell

    by Edward Powell

    This is a decent application for flight tracking. It's marketed to be a complete tool and personally I think it's just that. How you can check progres More


Free download

TripIt is a travel organizer that creates a full itinerary for your trip. It tells you the nearest transport options, provides you with real-time flight alerts and can even share your plans in an instant. 

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  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Travel & Local

  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Brenda Barnett

    This used to have a crashing problem, but it has been fixed for me. It has helped me dealing with some travel related problems. This thing keeps getti More

  • Dylan Nichols

    by Dylan Nichols

    TripIt is very useful for travel and it is available on iOS and Android makes it very attractive. I was on the fence about this app for a few months a More


Free download
FlightStats is an online flight tracker that allows you to search for every flight in real time.
  • Kelly Shaw

    by Kelly Shaw

    Personally I think Google flights is easier and closer to what most people need, but this one's not bad. The design is kind of ugly/outdated but all t More

  • Robert Johnston

    by Robert Johnston

    Flight Stats is a website and not an app that lets you track all flights by airline and flight number. While it's not dedicated for Android and availa More

  • Marie Jacobs

    by Marie Jacobs

    I absolutely love this app. The ability to look at the flight conditions at each airport is an amazing feature to have, especially when I am flying in More


with in-app purchases
FlightHero created by Airline Flight Status Tracking for Android is the perfect app for travellers! This useful tool allows you to check for nearby flights, track your flight and get real-time flight status information.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Travel & Local

  • Publisher:FlightHero Airline Flight Status Tracker and Radar

  • Size:23.07 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • George Silva

    by George Silva

    My friends and family travel a lot, so i needed a flight tracer app. I search for "best flight tracker apps for Android" and the first result was Flig More

  • Kathy Lee

    by Kathy Lee

    Decently rated flight tracking app.

  • by Kevin Chen

    FlightHero is a great flight tracker app for the Android. The tool really lets you save time by letting you know how much time you still have or need.

9.Flightview Elite

Paid: $3.99
Flightview Elite by OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited allows you to easily track your upcoming flight. It is a complete tool that also lets you receive status alerts, view arrivals and departures, and much more.

  • Carl George

    by Carl George

    Can't really share full flight data with others! The app makes tracking flights really easy and provides tons of info, but not being able to share the More

  • Wayne Nichols

    by Wayne Nichols

    I have been using Flightview Elite for a while now to track my flights through my iPhone. It is also very convenient to use when I am picking up my so More

10.Flight Tracker

with in-app purchases

Flight Tracker is an easy-to-use app developed by Smart Mobile Software for Android devices that helps travelers to get real-time flight status updates. It is the perfect app for those who love to travel.

  • Donna Cooper

    by Donna Cooper

    This is really a must-have app for people who like to travel by plane, such as me. I really can't imagine traveling without it now. Yes it does requir More

  • by Michelle Parker

    This app is great for frequent travels but for someone like me it would not be useful because I do not travel and I've never flown. Although I would u More

11.GA Flight Tracker

with in-app purchases

GA Flight Tracker, also known as General Aviation Flight Tracker and Navigation, is a free mobile application wherein users can track and check the visual representation of an aircraft's call sign, ground speed, altitude, and location. 

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  • Gorkem Yuksel null

    by Gorkem Yuksel null

    If you are looking for something that will allow you to track smaller private general aviation aircraft, then this should be one of your top picks. Also, for pilots and enthusiasts alike, you can download VFR Sectional navigation maps and also use


12.Gate Guru

Free download

Gate Guru is not only a flight tracker app but a resource to know everything you need to know about the airport and travel information, like gates, rent car offices, flights information and many more. *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

Gate Guru

Gate Guru

  • Website:Not Available
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  • Genre:Not available
  • Frank May

    by Frank May

    Gate Guru is awesome!! Not only can you get gate information, it will give you all the info you need to know about different airports and even where you can rent a car. A++++!!!!!


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