Best folder lock apps for android

1.Folder Lock

with in-app purchases

Protect your personal files, photos, videos and everything you want to keep out of everybody with Folder Lock: you will be able to set a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint to unlock that folder to make sure you are the only one that can see what is in it. 

  • Linda Miller

    by Linda Miller

    While this is a good concept, the app tends to be very glitchy. Things do not save properly in it and data seems to disappear completely out of it. I  More

  • Miki Dik

    by Miki Dik

    folder lock is a pain in the Ass, I have faced the same problems as Linda, it doesn´t work and I have deleted it from my mobile

  • Jordan Gonzalez

    by Jordan Gonzalez

    Folder Lock is a good app for keeping anything you want to keep private and secure on an android device. It includes many data protection and backup o More

  • by Jerry lee null

    Don't use this useless app. Disgusting and not honest company.


With in-app purchases

AppLock is an Android app by DoMobile Lab. It locks apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, and any app chosen. Other than locking incoming calls, it prevents unauthorized access and guard privacy.

  • Christopher Meyer

    by Christopher Meyer

    Nice but now this app very slow work on Samsung. App can be hacked. Needs improvement.

  • Beautiful Voice of Afghanistan null

    by Beautiful Voice of Afghanistan null

    I think so this is true this not work on Samsung phones

3.Keepsafe Photo Vault

with in-app purchases

Put everything on your phone behind a lock to secure all your files with Keepsafe Photo Vault. You will be able to select those files you want to lock from others and other features that will help you keep your privacy safe all the time.

  • by Adriana Rubio

    I found this to be a very useful app for security purposes. It is easy to use. I found it quite handy, especially for locking folders and files.


with in-app purchases

If you have any private photo or private video on your phone, Vaulty will help you keep them out of foreign eyes. This app developed by Squid Tooth can be used to hide those media files and set passwords to protect your photos and videos. 

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Video Players & Editors

  • Publisher:Squid Tooth LLC

  • Size:7.68 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Madison Santos

    by Madison Santos

    Handing your phone to someone can always be quite stressful if you have private things on there. With Vaulty I can lock up whatever I want and not need to worry.

5.Smart Lock

with in-app purchases

Protect your phone from others with Smart Lock, the app that will allow you to lock every folder, photo, video or file. Like this, everyone will have to enter a password to see that file, so you will be the only one able to unlock them.

  • Zachary Butler

    by Zachary Butler

    This was just what I was looking for. I wanted a simple to use app, to keep my stuff on lockdown from strangers and even friends. This app did it all  More

  • Ao Shi

    by Ao Shi

    This is a fairly good folder locking app although I would rather use samsungs build in protection.