Best gangster games for android

1.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a 3D open-world action adventure video game. It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series. This single-player story centers on Carl Johnson who returns home after his mother's murder. 
  • Esteban Osorio

    by Esteban Osorio

    GTA: San Andreas is obviously an incredible game - just about all of the later games in the GTA series were groundbreaking, for their time, and this is a pretty good port that manages to replicate the console/computer experience in a more than accept More

2.Gangstar Vegas

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Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action game similar in style to Grand Theft Auto, where your goal is to become the top gangster in Las Vegas, and to do so you will have to get rid of everyone who dares opposing you. 

  • Patricia Martinez

    by Patricia Martinez

    I really love the GTA games, but sometimes I don't feel like turning on the game system. I found Gangstar Vegas for Android and it pretty much gives me everything I like from GTA. The graphics are amazing, it's like real live scenery and people. I fe More

3.Grand Gangsters

with in-app purchases
Grand Gangsters is a game in which you have to steal cars, race through streets, shoot down the other gangs and avoid the police. Take part in different missions and become a crime master in a game with 3D graphics and intuitive controls.
  • Tang Hao

    by Tang Hao

    I previously downloaded Gangster Vegas for my iphone, but I wanted something similar for my android tablet. I can't believe what they were able to fit More

  • Bobby Smith

    by Bobby Smith

    Pretty cool concept and game. Has a cool feel of a regular video game.

4.Real Gangster Crime

with in-app purchases
Real Gangster Crime is a car thief simulator set in the streets of New Vegas. Steal cars, try new weapons and dominate the city.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Teen

  • Category:Action

  • Publisher:Naxeex Studio

  • Size:101.71 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Lawrence Newman

    by Lawrence Newman

    This game is kind of dumb to be honest. If you have any console or a good pc, even an old one, then play a game on that. The graphics for this game are average at best and the gameplay is very basic. It is very unoriginal.

5.Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

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If you are a true fan of gangsta games, gangsta movies, and gangsta culture in general, you definitely gonna love Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, an epic mafia game when you are able to put yourself in the shoes of a mobster. 

  • Benito Saldaña

    by Benito Saldaña

    A game that actually has its own identity and isn't another cheap GTA ripoff. Gangstar New Orleans is a fun experience that allows you to enjoy playing in a violent open world setting alone or with friends. It has lag at times and other issues but ov More

6.Gangster Town

with in-app purchases
Live car theft adventures in Gangster Town, a city full of villains in which you have to complete missions and earn rewards. Get rich stealing cars, avoid the police and manage to survive.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Teen

  • Category:Action

  • Publisher:Naxeex Studio

  • Size:95.42 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Jane Kelly

    by Jane Kelly

    Honestly I wasn't all that impressed by this game. I thought the controls/moving the camera was really hard and awkward and the storyline was just really boring.

7.Gang Wars

with in-app purchases
Fight with rival bands in a city full of crime in Gang Wars, a game in which you have to perform jobs, shoot and steal to take control of the streets. Purchase new weapons, visit the Godfather and make a name for yourself in this world.
  • Charvi Verma

    by Charvi Verma

    I love to play gangster games, especially on my Android phone. I downloaded Gang Wars for my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and quickly discovered it's one o More

  • Ethan Roberts

    by Ethan Roberts

    I dont know if you guys have ever played mafia wars, but this kind of reminded me of that game from facebook. Pretty addicting, and a really fun way t More

  • Carl Gutierrez

    by Carl Gutierrez

    Gangs! Be the leader. Be the Godfathers right hand man. Earn cold hard cash and vanquish your street foes!

8.Crime Coast

with in-app purchases
Join a mafia and become the godfather in Crime Coast, a game in which you can build your own empire. Explore the criminal world and get involved in multiplayer battles against other bands.
  • Peter Bates

    by Peter Bates

    Ever since I watched the Godfather movies growing up, I've always been fascinated by the mafia and crime families. Crime Coast is a fun game where you More

  • Harry Parker

    by Harry Parker

    I would not say this is the best gangster game. It is a little over the top and comical instead of serious, but it is a fun way to pass the time.