Best ios emulators for windows

Android operating systems running on the PC are growing in in popularity. iOS emulators are also finding a foothold on home computers as well. Here are some of Apple iOS emulators that allow you to run iPhone apps on Windows.


Paid: $20

An iOS PC simulator that lets you use IOS apps designed for iPadian simulator and that will make you feel like your running an Apple device. It is a very helpful tool for all software developers that need to test apps and want to use Windows as an iPad.

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  • Nick Ma

    by Nick Ma

    While it's more of a simulator than an emulator, its benefits are no less useful. Developers can always afford multiple test machines just for that pu More

  • Bobby Scott

    by Bobby Scott

    It's pretty awesome & unusual. It's not an emulator though--it's a SIMULATOR. & the only apps you can use on it are ones specifically  More

  • Doris Lane

    by Doris Lane

    I can't believe how freaking awesome this simulator is! I love the experience of seeing and feeling the IOS apps on my laptop.

  • Aloysius Lan

    by Aloysius Lan

    it is very lousy and once you open it , it cannot be minimize and blocks the whole of your screens

  • Scott Warren

    by Scott Warren

    Simple to use and very smooth. It's like having an Apple device but really having an android. It's the best of both worlds.


Varies by plan

Platform based's iOS and Android emulator for a Windows environment with a guide of how to run it. This is very helpful either for developers as for iOS fans that would like to run their Apple apps and programs on Windows operating system.

  • Eugene Watson

    by Eugene Watson

    This iOS emulator is one of the best and greatly helps us developers with one our biggest hurdles, cross-platform compatibility, and thorough apps tes More

  • Eugene Bates

    by Eugene Bates

    I use this to test my personal apps I make for my friend's iPhone. I don't personally own an iPhone, so an emulator to test my app is a must. I think  More

  • Janice Payne

    by Janice Payne

    Never knew running an iOS prog is possible on a Windows laptop due to its exclusivity. A friend recommended this to me and I've been DLing Apple apps  More

  • Timothy Gomez

    by Timothy Gomez

    I believe that Smartface is a great iOS emulator on Windows. As a windows owner developing on iOS has always been a difficult, but Smartface solved th More


Free download

With Appetize you can run native mobile apps in your browser for app demos, training, customer support, development, testing, and more. This iOS emulator is a nice tool for developers, regular users, and fans of the Apple operating system.



Other platforms

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  • Raymond Larson

    by Raymond Larson

    The fact that it is web-based means easy access and wider compatibility with multiple devices all at once. Pricing isn't too bad either with 20 concur More

  • by Thomas Diaz

    I really like the appetizer iPhone 6 demo, though it was sluggish at first but later it gave a complete hand-on on iOS , highly recommended for users  More

  • Justin Hu

    by Justin Hu

    This is one of the better Apple product emulators out there. I am an android person and not too familiar with Iphones, so this is helpful on my job wh More

  • Larry Mendez

    by Larry Mendez

    Very interesting app. I found it informative and very organized. Will definitely use a lot.

4.Electric Mobile Studio

Paid: $39.99 Free trial available

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid iOS emulator designed for Windows products exclusively. It offers in-depth app testing, provides data on app analytics and UI and allows usage of different coding languages.

  • Stephen Washington

    by Stephen Washington

    It's not the cheapest option out there but it works great and lets you replicate both iPhone and iPad interfaces.

5.AIR iPhone

Free download

Air iPhone is an application that runs in Adobe Air and that allows developers to replicate the iPhone graphical interface to run tests before compiling an app. Very helpful for everyone that likes to run tests before launching an app for iPhone.

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  • Deng Qian

    by Deng Qian

    It works and runs fine on my Windows machine with any major issues. It's also quite stable and reliable with 0 crashes or freezes in the time that I h More

  • Carl Dixon

    by Carl Dixon

    Air Iphone is a software emulator for iOS that works with Windows. You can use it to see how screen layouts look when run on an iPhone. It's a must ha More

  • by Ann Oliver

    This site and app were confusing to me. I was not a fan and wouldn't use it. I did not like the layout of it.

  • Edward Scott

    by Edward Scott

    It's fast, reliable, and easy to use. Not much ads either. IDC what anyone says, I'm sticking to AIR since it runs iOS apps faster than my iPhone 7

  • Ayaan Jain

    by Ayaan Jain

    Compatibility is needed here for new and old versions of windows, including the latest build of Windows 10.

6.Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal

Free download
The Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal is the only online simulator that spoofs user agents and allows you to surf the mobile internet from the comfort of your desktop browser.
  • Barbara Silva

    by Barbara Silva

    This isn't an iOS emulator in particular, but it does give you the mobile versions of websites on your PC. If you're looking for something that's more tailored to iPhones specifically, you're going to want to continue searching.

7.Ripple Emulator

Free download

Ripple Emulator is a browser-based HTML5 mobile application development and testing tool. It offers the ability to look under the hood of your mobile application to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection, automated testing. 

    8.Dolphin Emulator v5.0 APK

    Free download

    Dolphin Emulator is an app for Android devices that lets you play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your Android phone. This is the free version of the Android app that you can download for free.

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    • Publisher:Dolphin Emulator

    • Size:10.98 MB

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    • Sajid Afiyat null

      by Sajid Afiyat null

      Dolphin Emulator for Android allows you play your favourite Nintendo GameCube and Wii games to play on your android device. If you are looking for an emulator to help you playing Nintendo games Dolphin Emulator is here to help you to out. It provides More

    9.Remoted iOS Simulator

    Free download

    This Remoted iOS Simulator developed by Xamarin allows users to test and debug iOS apps entirely within Visual Studio Enterprise on Windows. This solution uses a Visual Studio environment so you need to know how it works.

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    • César Bautista

      by César Bautista

      Made by Xamarin, so you can totally be sure of its effectiveness. Fast, but it freezes up at times, still fun to use tho, the GUI is pleasing to view.

    • Gao Tian

      by Gao Tian

      This simulator is easy-to-use. It's the best option that I have found to test iOS on Windows systems.

    • Kevin Ruiz

      by Kevin Ruiz

      This wasn't a great experience. I had to fiddle with the settings and make my own tweaks to get it to run. It was unstable, but usable.


    Free download

    Xamarin is an iOS emulator developed by Apple Inc. which allows users to reap the advantages of an iOS on their Windows PC. The emulator allows users to run iMessage and other features that Apple offers.



    Other platforms

    • Andy Gu

      by Andy Gu

      Made by the very company that this software is made to emulate, you can expect this to be one of the best emulators for iOS on the market.


    In this new digital age, it seems that owning an iPhone or an iPad is becoming the rule more than the exception. Well, it's a sobering reality. After all, who wouldn't want a device that's compact and versatile in more ways than one, right? But while it's true that Apple devices remain to be all the rage these days, not everybody is willing to afford one. Luckily, there are iOS emulators for Windows that can change the game. Do you wanna try some apps first before you buy an actual Apple device? Perhaps you just wanna play a game that's only available on iOS.

    Of course, whatever your answer is, emulators can give you the opulent experience that Apple users rave about their devices. But before you install an iOS emulator on your PC, there are a few things you need to remember. For starters, emulators allow you to use programs that your device doesn't support. Despite this, did you know that emulators are generally slow? This means that some apps may not really run at optimum speed. This is because all CPU commands received by the emulator undergoes a translation. Imagine a translator acting as a nexus between two people speaking different languages. That's how emulators work. So, before you fret over how laggy your emulator is, you might wanna consider the architecture of the software you're using.