Best json editors for pc

I'm looking for a simple way to parse and edit JSON files on a PC. Can be online or a free software. If it has JSON to CSV and YAML conversion, even better. Thanks

1.Online JSON Viewer

Free download

Online JSON Viewer is a software used as a JSON Beautifier. It is used to beautify and tree view JSON data while also being a  JSON converter which turns JSON into XML/CSV.

  • Jonathan Young

    by Jonathan Young

    This tool gives me so much freedom and ease when it comes to JSON. Not all are aware of how it works but this is easy to use and really a good JSON editor for PC. I use it on my computer all the time because it also doesn't take too much space.

2.Altova JSON Editor

Free download

Altova JSON Editor features a JSON Viewer and JSON Editor. With support for JSON and JSON5, it allows you to view and edit JSON files using the same intuitive text code editor and grid/tree view that is available for XML editing.

  • Shirley Wang

    by Shirley Wang

    A great tool specifically created for JSON editing and viewing. I haven't encountered a lot of tools as good as this when it comes to JSON editing


Free download

JSONmate is a free online JSON visual editor with a modern appearance that allows users to edit, query, and visualize data in JSON format. 

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  • Cheng Gu

    by Cheng Gu

    Understands the language which not all understands! Makes life easy for my editing in JSON. JSONmate really makes my work easy

4.Xml Buddy

Free download

Xml Buddy is a complete JSON grid-style editor for Windows to create error-free JSON with ease. It features intelligent JSON syntax checking and JSON Schema validation. 

  • Marie Mills

    by Marie Mills

    I have encountered some errors before and I constantly try to fix it and finally I found this tool for JSON. Worth it!


Free download

JSONedit a simple JSON editor with text and tree view. It is a Complete application that does not require installation and does not depend on any non-standard dll.

  • Lucy Mao

    by Lucy Mao

    Couldn't understand how to use this at first but worked fine after some time. Easy to for my PC when working on JSON

6.JSON Editor

Free download

JSON Editor - Clean CSS is an online JSON Editor that helps users create, view and edit your JSON language with the help of a treeview to visualize your data.

  • Jerry Ross

    by Jerry Ross

    Amazing tool that's easy to use and easy to download in your computer. Makes you use JSON language easier

7.Eclipse JSON Editor Plugin

Free download

Eclipse JSON Editor Plugin is a simple plugin for the Eclipse IDE. It provides Color text highlighting, An Outline Tree view, JSON validation, Text formatting and Text folding for the JSON data format.

  • Hemant Nair

    by Hemant Nair

    Text formatting, validation, everything is here and easy to understand and use. This is all you need since its a plugin for your PC

8.Visual JSON Editor

Free download

Visual JSON Editor is a JSON schema based file editor for Windows. When opening a JSON file, the application auto-generates an editor GUI based on the provided JSON schema which makes editing more effective and easier for users.

  • Zhang Fang

    by Zhang Fang

    This is really specialized for JSON editing and programming. Couldn't see a better fit for the job

9.JSON Formatter

Free download

JSON Formatter is an online tool from the ExtendsClass website. It allows users to easily edit JSON code. It can beautify and minify data, as well as validate, download, or copy the code to clipboard.

  • cyril bois null

    by cyril bois null

    A small online tool for JSON editing. Simple and free without installation.


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