Best pill reminder apps for iphone or ipad


with in-app purchases
Medisafe is the leading personalized medication and measurement management mobile application which helps patients stay on top of all their medications. This is available in 25 languages and more than 200 countries. 
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  • Chao Liu

    by Chao Liu

    Again, based on reviews and number of downloads, it seems like this one is pretty popular. Is it really the leading one though? I didn't search throug More

  • Yvonne Wood-Lee null

    by Yvonne Wood-Lee null

    I used MEDISAFE, however found it quite complicated and moved to BELL PILL REMINDER


with in-app purchases
Dosecast reminds you to take your medications, vitamins, or birth control pills on time and tracks your medication adherence.It is a useful app designed for humans and pets.
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  • Julie Bennett

    by Julie Bennett

    I just got into a relationship and was afraid i'd forget to take my birth control pills. Never fear, Dosecast is here! It reminds me every single day so that I don't have to worry about it. Thanks, Dosecast!

3.Pill Reminder - All in One

Free download
Pill Reminder is a helpful tool for those who have to take medications regularly. This free app contains several things such as reminders for Medical visits, email reports to your doctors, and more!

  • Scott Bryant

    by Scott Bryant

    I downloaded Pill Reminder - All in One on my fiancee's iPhone to help her keep track of her mom's doctor appointments and medicine to be taken, and i More

  • Anne Birch

    by Anne Birch

    Only free for the first two reminders and after inputting all my meds it then wouldn’t let me add reminders unless I purchased it. It might be good bu More

  • Neal Martin null

    by Neal Martin null

    I bought the $1.99 full version and gave up after several attempts to set up several separate reminders. The "heck" with it!


Paid: $1.99

XReminder lets you remind all important things you have to do by using alarms. It is the perfect tool for forgetful people!

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  • Age rating:4+

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  • Publisher:bang chen

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  •  José Alfredo Amador

    by José Alfredo Amador

    I needed something to help me remember my pills in the morning, and I'm not sure this really cuts it. I liked a few others I tried, but this just feel More

  • by Jordan Silva

    It is the perfect tool for me. I am very forgetful. It helps remember all the important things i need to do.

5.Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers

Free download
This free app is a simple but powerful reminder designed for those who always forget important things.  Among other things, this useful tool contains over 140 custom sounds.

  • Jose Patterson

    by Jose Patterson

    Kind of a dead weight among apps. A separate app for functions that are mostly inbuilt in your phone anyways is kind of redundant.

  • by Samuel Wade

    i dont have an iOS item but this does look like a good app