Best slideshow maker apps for android

1.Microsoft PowerPoint

with in-app purchases
Microsoft Powerpoint is a powerful app to create, view and edit great presentations on your computer or directly from your device.
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  • Age rating:Not available
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  • Genre:Not available
  • Kevin Gilbert

    by Kevin Gilbert

    There's probably dedicated apps in order to create slideshows and thus they're probably a little more fleshed out for that specific task. However with More

  • Carolyn Day

    by Carolyn Day

    I love making powerpoints, but i'm not always at my computer. With this app, i can work on my PP while i'm not at my desk. I can share them with other More

2.Slideshow Maker

Free download
Slideshow Maker is an app to create slideshows instantly. You only have to select the photos or videos you want to include and customize your project with video styles, animated frames, stickers and music.
  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Photography

  • Publisher:Scoompa

  • Size:18.87 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Carl Ortega

    by Carl Ortega

    I'm a professor and wanted to make slideshows using my phone for some of my lectures. I like to be able to make slideshows on my phone rather than hav More

  • by Dylan Marshall

    This is junk. It's not worth my spit, pure and simple. I don't know how long these reviews have to be so I'll just say it don't work and it's hard to  More


Free download
Pixgram lets you create and customize slideshows with video, photos and music. Import your content, mix it and add your favorite songs. You can share your slideshows on your social networks.
  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Photography

  • Publisher:Swiitt Computing Inc.

  • Size:9.23 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Jason Guzman

    by Jason Guzman

    Although Pixgram is a great app for android users who wan to seamlessly blend video, picture, and music content, it is not without flaws. Many reviewe More

  • Ralph Reyes

    by Ralph Reyes

    I could not live on without this app. My friend introduced it to me for video editing and it works great.

4.Free Slideshow Maker

Free download
This app lets you create music slideshows in a quick and easy way. Add photos, reorder them and add your favorite music to create personal projects in just seconds. You can share them on your social networks.
  • Lisa Freeman

    by Lisa Freeman

    This app is nice since it is completely free, but I did run into a couple problems. It tends to freeze and it even crashed on me a couple times. But w More

  • Carolyn Hill

    by Carolyn Hill

    This is a fun little app that will help you with making slideshow with your pictures. Its great for beginners and I like the fact that its upload limi More

5.Picture Slide show - CameraAce

Free download
Picture Slide show allows you to create slideshows and photo collections and share them on your social networks. You can personalize your projects with backgrounds and music.
  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Photography

  • Publisher:TecAce Software

  • Size:46.14 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Brandon Carr

    by Brandon Carr

    I recently downloaded " Picture Slide show - CameraAce" to my Android device to try to create the perfect slideshow. Much to my surprise that app work More

  • Jeremy Carlson

    by Jeremy Carlson

    Picture Slide show - CameraAce is a good solution for best slideshow maker apps for android because it has some good features and will create slidesho More