Best software to unlock icloud activation lock

Having troubles unlocking your iCloud activation lock like user Ryan Ballantyne? Do not worry. The community has gathered various software for this dilemma of yours. Go check them out and see if they work for you!

Paid: $28 Varies by plan is an IMEI-based unlocking online tool and software that can be accessed on its online website. It can unlock the users' iCloud activation lock for their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and AppleWatch devices.

  • Crystal Wood

    by Crystal Wood

    i wrecked my brain trying to learn how to unlock icloud account when all this time i could have done this

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  • troy null

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    I warn you that this site has been robbed that they are liars

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Paid: $69.95 varies by plan

LockWiper is a tool that allows you to remove Apple ID and lock screen from iPhone, iPad or iPad touch. It also bypass screen passcode for locked, disabled, and broken screen. It also allows you to change to a different Apple ID or create a new one.

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  • Kelly Schultz

    by Kelly Schultz

    I searched google on how to unlock icloud locked iphone 6 and this came out! Thank you for the reccommendation

  • Xiang Feng

    by Xiang Feng

    I was impressed with the interface and what it offered.The most important one is that it did unlock my Apple ID! The best iCloud unlocker!!! i had


  • Emma Wong

    by Emma Wong

    I highly recommend iMyFone LockWiper. The tool is easy to use (even for people don\'t know any tech) and allows you to quickly remove the Apple ID and More

  • Ahmad Jackiey Kasim null

    by Ahmad Jackiey Kasim null

    The application crash, I can not install.

3.Official iPhone unlock

Paid: $16 varies by plan

Official iPhone unlock is a website that offers IMEI-based permanent sim unlock for all iPhone models. And because it is IMEI-based and done at the carrier-level, no jailbreak is required.

  • Devansh Banerjee

    by Devansh Banerjee

    official icloud unlock has a lot of bad reviews but personally, i think it's not that bad. I like the fact that you don't have to jailbreak it befo


  • Adrian G null

    by Adrian G null

    @Miriam Palma & Leonardo Miranda Yes i fully agree that this site is a scam, I tried this site once and it didn't do what it advertise, and they w More

  • cdrex Pabz null

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    dont use this service its a 100% scam they just want more on your money.. they a bunch of a professional scammer... DONT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

  • Leonardo Miranda

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    Sad to say but this is nothing but scam, doenst work and they just want more and more cash from you

  • Miriam Palma

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    Do not use this icloud removal software!!!! It is a scam! They will only get your money!!!

  • Software Key null

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    Better you use

4.iCloud Remover

Free download

iCloud Remover is a tool used to bypass the iCloud activation lock on iPhone and iPad which is activated through singing into iCloud and turning off the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature of the Apple device. 

  • Patrick Diaz

    by Patrick Diaz

    icloud unlock bypass is impossible for me, is this too good to be true? still, I'm going to try my lock with this remover

  • Pablo Mora

    by Pablo Mora

    I had bought a used iPhone 6 off Ebay and the seller wasn't exactly honest. It ended up being an iCloud locked device, which leaves the phone essentia More

  • Bella Zeng

    by Bella Zeng

    SCAM!!! It is not working! Don't use this!!

  • Umar Pkwaan null

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    i dont know how to download this on my laptop

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    its not working


Free download

iCloudin is a free tool used to remove the iCloud activation which is compatible with all iOS devices. It is also easy-to-use with tutorials posted on its website. 



Other platforms

  • Sunny Wu

    by Sunny Wu

    I needed to remove icloud activation lock without password i'm so happy to have found this

  • Larry Mendoza

    by Larry Mendoza

    It really helped me unlock my iCloud and I did not encountered any problems.

  • Andika Tata null

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    link download

  • Jacqueline Jacobs

    by Jacqueline Jacobs

    This is a very helpful download if you need to do unlocking. It is easy to work and has all the information you'll need to get the job done.

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  • kalufyanya mulenga null

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    scam alert!!!!!!! do not bother software doesn't exist. they keep sending you to different websites for advertising purposes. total scam

6.DoulCi Activator

Free download

DoulCi Activator is an iCloud Unlock tool that allows you to bypass the iCloud activation lock. It's easy to use and simple to download. Simply follow the instructions after download, connect your device and run the tool.

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  • Aarav Banerjee

    by Aarav Banerjee

    I bought a used iphone and the previous owners account is still here! it gave my brain a whack, i really don't know what to do. I'm searching and tryi More

  • Dorothy Watson

    by Dorothy Watson

    THE BEST!!!!!! The only icloud unlock tool that worked for me!!

  • Shaurya Tambe

    by Shaurya Tambe

    This is the one that I have been looking for,,,! It worked with my iPhone and now erevything is fine.

  • Eugene Washington

    by Eugene Washington

    This is one of those things that I don't really like having to use, but with DoulCi Activator its extremely simple and easy. I've done it a bunch of t More

  • Rahul Yadav null

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    how to download free trial in india

  • Martha Olson

    by Martha Olson

    Awesome iCloud unlock! Exactly what I wanted!


As defined by Apple, iCloud is cloud storage where the rest of Apple's cloud-based services happen. It serves as the backup files of the user's calendar, e-mail, photos, and videos. The idea is for the user to store information online and access them from their iPhone, iPad, and many more.


Did you know that a stolen iPhone in 'Lost Mode' is pretty useless in the event that the thief opens it? That is how powerful iCloud is! The Lost Mode of an iPhone can be found in the Find My iPhone built-in security application of iPhones. This is one of the most vital, if not the most vital, service of an iPhone. This is particularly useful for lost devices. How is this so? The original owner of the device can remotely 'erase' the iPhone, together with all your data in it. This can include all your credit card information in iTunes, account name, and saved passwords.

What's more even interesting is the next time the phone connects to the internet, it will notify the owner of its location. On the end of the new user, iCloud will prompt him to enter the iCloud email and password to unlock the iPhone. If he fails to enter the correct one, it will be locked. Perhaps this is one of the reasons many people think iPhone is more secure than Android. Several iCloud removal software is available online, however, nobody can confirm its veracity. One reason is that an attempt to unlock the iCloud is one way of bypassing Apple's security reason.