Best story-driven iphone games


with in-app purchases

Hearthstone is a card game available for different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Players can collect cards, prepare your deck, and battle it out with other players. This card-based game is set in the Warcraft universe. 

  • Megan Cooper

    by Megan Cooper

    This is great turn based card strategy game. You can play against someone else or the AI. Collecting cards can be fun. There are also booster packs that you can buy.


Paid: $14.99 with in-app purchases

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an action adventure RPG where players explore dungeons, fight monsters and find new equipment that makes them stronger and allows them to advance further in their adventures.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Everyone 10+

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  • Genre:Not available
  • Deborah Brewer

    by Deborah Brewer

    Such a pretty game! I can't believe this game looks so good and on a phone! I like the battles, but they can be a headache. It keeps me busy when I am between classes.

3.Leo's Fortune

Paid: $4.99
Leo's Fortune is a platform adventure game where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring the story of Leo to life in this epic adventure.
  • Website:Not Available
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  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Joe Jacobs

    by Joe Jacobs

    It looks like a cool game, but I am not sure I would classify it as a story driven game at all


Paid: $9.99 Check price

Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game with the objective of digging, exploring, fighting, and building. Developed and published by Re-Logic, this game is available to play on Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.

  • Danielle Wright

    by Danielle Wright

    Eh, this game is okay I guess. The graphics are terrible, looks really old school. The game is kind of fun to play, but the awful graphics really take More

  • Jacob Long

    by Jacob Long

    This is a well-reviewed and very popular game, but doesn't really fit this search very well. This isn't a very story-heavy game, and probably isn't wh More

5.Lara Croft GO

Paid: $0.99 4.99

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom. 

  • Website:Not Available
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  • Genre:Not available
  • Bruce Wheeler

    by Bruce Wheeler

    Anyone that played Lara croft games pretty much know what they are getting except this one is more on the slower pace. You have to realy put yourself  More

  • Bryan Nelson

    by Bryan Nelson

    I really like games that tell a story and lead me down a path. Lora Croft GO does exactly that. It's not one of the same shoot-em-up games that are so More

  • Phillip Willis

    by Phillip Willis

    Lara Croft GO has one of the best stories in an iphone game. The world is very captive and the storyline is amazing.

6.Minecraft: Story Mode

Paid: $24.99 with in-app purchases
Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic adventure spin-off game developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang AB. It is based in the Minecraft universe, Including The Overworld, The Nether, The End, and other dimensions.
  • by Sara Taylor

    As if Minecraft wasn't awesome enough, now we have story mode! This game is great for anyone, Minecraft fan or not. You play as Jesse, a hero and go o More

  • Judy Watkins

    by Judy Watkins

    This game is great! It's a simulation type game where you are living it. And whats better is you can create everything yuorself like its your own worl More

  • Crystal Perry

    by Crystal Perry

    This is a lot of fun. I like the characters you get to pick from. Awesome graphics. I like the regular Minecraft and this story mode game is also real More

  • Larry Bell

    by Larry Bell

    Minecraft: Story Mode is a story version of Minecraft and it's a fun game to play. The story is interesting and they come out with new episodes to kee More

7.Devils & Demons

with in-app purchases

Devils & Demons is a tactical strategy role playing game with a deep storyline and an immersive gameplay. Fight against demons and undead with your group of heroes in a fantasy world full of action and fun.

  • Website:Not Available
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  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Abhinav Chattopadhyay

    Would be a great game if it weren't for all the ads. But other tan than it has great graphics and the game play if pretty fun.

  • Phillip Miller

    by Phillip Miller

    Pretty entertaining strategy/role playing game. Have played it for a few hours and keep finding myself going back.

8.The Banner Saga

Paid: $9.99
The Banner Saga is a viking-themed tactical RPG in which every choice matters. Start your journey in a beautiful 2D immersive animation with more than 25 playable characters with unique personalities.
  • Diana Jordan

    by Diana Jordan

    While this is a pretty good story driven game it is not on the iPhone. So the solution doesn't fit what I want. I'll say it's pretty below average sin More

  • Chirag Pawar

    by Chirag Pawar

    The artwork and graphics on this game look amazing. The hand drawn cut scenes really do a lot to add to the immersion.

  •  José Guadalupe Galván

    by José Guadalupe Galván

    This is a great game on both iOS and desktop. If you haven't tried it out before I would check it out.


Paid: $2.99
Rebuild is a strategy game developed by Northway Games where you must gather the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and defend your fort against the attacks from the undead. The game can be played on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Kathryn White

    I'm not sure I would call this a story driven game but it sure is fun! You move around and get to make decisions on what you do and where you go. It can be addicting but I soon found myself playing it less and less. Decent enough distraction.