Best talking pet apps

1.Talking Tom Cat 2

with in-app purchases

Talking Tom Cat 2 is the sequel to the Talking Tom Cat. This virtual pet simulator app allows the users to talk to Tom, play with Tom, customize Tom, dress him up with accessories, new clothes, and record Tom.

  • Tyler Murray

    by Tyler Murray

    There are dozens of talking pet apps on mobile these days. Talking Tom Cat 2 is probably my favorite. It's bigger and better than the original and has been improved in every way. Kids will love it and provide them with hours of safe fun.

2.My Talking Tom

with in-app purchases
My Talking Tom is a role-playing game developed by Outfit7 Limited. Adopt a little cat and do with him everything you would do with a real-life one: play with him, feed him, take him to the bathroom and even make him taste new food. 
  • Angel Tata

    by Angel Tata

    I wanted the best talking pet app out there. I found My Talking Tom, and it is a virtual cat simulator that you can even buy clothes for them in.

3.Talking Tom Cat

with in-app purchases

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual pet simulator app that allows the users to play with Tom, talk to him, give him commands to execute different actions like farting, or eating watermelon. Also, players can spoil Tom by giving him his favorite food.

  • Judith Reynolds

    by Judith Reynolds

    Talking Tom is one funny cat. Almost everything that he does gets a giggle or two from me. Nonstop fun!

4.My Talking Pet

Paid: $2.99

My Talking Pet is an amazing app helps you to create a video of your pet speaking. You just have to take a photo and speak into the micro. With this app, your pet can say what you want

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  • Jose Obrien

    by Jose Obrien

    My Talking Pet is an app available for $2.99 from iTunes that will simulate your pet speaking. You can then share the video to other people. You can m More

  • Jennette Tran null

    by Jennette Tran null

    I loved this app until they just changed it and took away the capability to set my own voice tone. Totally ruined!!

  • Marilyn Holmes

    by Marilyn Holmes

    I've tried other talking pet apps, and so far this is my favorite. It's hilarious! I love making videos and sending them to my friends and family. It  More

5.My Talking Panda

with in-app purchases

My Talking Panda is a free game app for Android and iOS devices. With this game, you can enjoy having a cute panda as a pet on your mobile phone. 

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Games,Entertainment,Role Playing,Family

  • Publisher:PEAKSEL doo

  • Size:177.63 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Harry Perkins

    by Harry Perkins

    My kids love this game! It has provided hours of entertainment and has freed me up to do other things, whether it is chores that need to be done or possibly catching up on my DVR.