10 great free games for Java phones

10 great free games for Java phones

Still rocking a crappy old Java-based mobile phone? I bet you’re sick of all your iPhone/Android owning friends bang on about the latest cool games they’ve installed on their superphones.

Calm down and don’t get so jealous, because there are still plenty of awesome free Java games that you can download and install on your phone. Here’s a selection of some of the best free mobile games available for Java devices. They may not all be great graphically, but they can be just as much fun to play as even the most polished iPhone titles.


Arcade & action

MarioSuper Mario Planet – This reworking of the Nintendo classic sees you guide the veteran plumber around level after level of challenging platform action. It’s surprisingly easy to control with the keypad and looks as good as it ever did back on the Super Nintendo.

TankzorsTankzors Pro – Like blowing stuff up? Then check out Tankzors Pro. Based around the classic NES game Battle City, Tankzors sees you try to defeat the enemy militia by getting behind the wheel of a tank and crushing any bad guys you come across.

ZeldaZelda Mobile – Another legendary Nintendo title, Zelda translates surprisingly well to the small screen of the mobile phone. Be careful when playing on the bus because you’ll more than likely miss every stop on the route, such is the engrossing nature of this adventure game.

Tom and JerryTom & Jerry Food Fight –  The world’s most famous cat and mouse combo team up in this riveting game of skill on your mobile. The object of Tom & Jerry Food Fight is to catch the falling food but it’s a lot more exciting than it sounds. The cartoony graphics look great, too.




Mine HunterMine Hunter – This is a faithful port of the classic Windows timewaster, Minesweeper. The object of the game is the same as always – find the hidden mines on the grid without getting blown up. This is done by meticulously figuring out which squares will have bombs based on the numbered clues.

Plop ArtPlop Art Sudoku – Sudoku is a great brain workout but it can be a little dull. Plop Art Sudoku injects some fun into the genre by replacing numbers with cute little creatures. The object of the game is to arrange the nine different images so that none of them appear more than once in the same line or square.

PipesPipes – This is a great interpretation of a classic puzzle format. The object of the game is to place sections of a pipeline in the right place so that the water can flow from the tap to the drain. Only once the pipeline is complete can you move on to the next level.




Vegas Pool SharksVegas Pool Sharks – Featuring neat graphics and realistic ball physics, Vegas Pool Sharks is an impressive Java mobile game. The game pits you against four different AI opponents, each with varying levels of skill. The controls are simple to get to grips with, and you’re helped out by some handy on-screen hints.

World League BaseballWorld League Baseball – This impressive looking mobile baseball game sees you go for global baseball glory.There are two different game modes – exhibition and league. Each allows you to select to play as one of six different countries, and has three levels of difficulty.

Wicked RacingWicked Racing – If you fancy some high-octane thrills while you’re sat in traffic on the bus, then install Wicked Racing. This fun, but challenging, driving sim sees you try to speed around the track before the time runs out. Only by completing a course can you move to the next level.

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