10 internet apps you might not know

q_logo.pngIf you’re on this blog there’s a good chance you know about alternative browsers like Firefox or Opera and that you probably even use them. You might know what tabs, extensions, session restore or pop-up blocking are but your web experience might not go farther than this. Here are some programs to improve your overall browsing experience:

  1. ToolbarCop : Quickly uninstall all those unnecessary extensions
  2. Ghostzilla : Browse undercover
  3. Tor : Protect your privacy whenever you connect to the web
  4. AI Roboform : Memorize passwords and form entries
  5. DU Meter : Measure your bandwidth
  6. Windows Live Writer : Desktop blogging
  7. Bookmark Base : Export and carry your bookmarks
  8. WikiReader : Open Wikipedia from anywhere
  9. Quintura Search : A search query based on tag clouds
  10. ted : Create your own schedule of TV series torrents

We tried to list all sorts of apps, from security to bookmarking, searching or blogging. If there’s a program you use while browsing and that you really like, let us know!

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