10 Productivity Apps for Browsers in 2016

10 Productivity Apps for Browsers in 2016

We all lead busy lives today. With multiple devices, we feel as though we need to be connected at all the time. Why is it, then, that sometimes we feel like we never get anything done?

With these browser apps, you can be more productive wherever you are and whenever you need to be.

1. Dropbox

File sharing and storing is simple with Dropbox. As a free, cloud-based storage service, you can keep and share spreadsheets, documents, photos, folders of files, and videos. You can also sync your work among all your devices and create a link to let others see what you want them to.

Get now Dropbox

2. Basecamp

If you’re working in groups or solo, Basecamp lets you organize and manage tasks, broadcast information to teams, and have a common space to store files and track progress.

Here, you can download Basecamp

3. 1-3-5 List

Imagine approaching every day with the rule 1-3-5. The premise is that there’s 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 things to do each day. The 1-3-5 List lets you focus on goals without being distracted.

Don’t wait to be more productive and use 1-3-5

4. Toggl

Need to track your time better? With Toggl you can manage and track billable time, tag projects, and produce detailed reports to share with managers or clients. Toggl also syncs nicely with other project management tools.

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5. RescueTime

Are you easily distracted? With RescueTime, measure your productivity and stay on track. Running in the background, the app tells you how much time you spend on email, web browsing, and using specific websites. At the end of the day, you can measure how much nonproductive time you spend, helping you to break bad habits.

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6. Evernote

When you want to take notes, archive documents, organize your thoughts, and keep text, video, photo, spreadsheets, memos, and other files in the same place, Evernote also lets you sync your work across multiple platforms and devices.

Try Evernote, one of the best programs

7. Nirvana

With tagging, search, filters, due dates, sync, and sub-tasks, you can manage your time quite effectively with Nirvana. With a couple of clicks, you can also turn an email into an action.

Nirvana is what you expect from a GTD tool and you can access here.

8. Remember The Milk

Or the bread, or the butter, or the dry cleaning. With Remember The Milk, you can create reminders and sync with Google Calendar to change all your to-dos into to-dones.

Here you can access the webapp to get more of your time

9. Launchy

In what file folder did you put that document? How do you navigate your hundreds of folders to find that one? Say goodbye to these worries with Launchy. This productivity tool creates handy shortcuts that let you launch files, folders, or documents with just a few strokes.

You are only one click away to optimize your time

10. Focus Booster

If you’re prone to procrastination, this app is for you. Using the Pomodoro method of time tracking, Focus Booster helps you see where your time went, helping you to get rid of distractions and focus on the most important tasks at hand.

Here you can access to this fantastic tool

With these tools, your productivity will be boosted and you’ll feel more accomplished each day. You can also work more effectively when you turn to the cloud.

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