13 apps to survive the Apocalypse

13 apps to survive the Apocalypse

Rise of the machines, Nibiru cataclysm, magnetic field reversal, intergalactic alignment, global shortage of Nutella … What if it was all true? Imagine it’s December 21st and the end of the world is actually happening. What would you do? Where could you hide? Which way to turn?

Fortunately, We’ve thought of everything and have the solution to all your apocalyptic problems. Our OnSoftware specialists have studied the issue and found 13 essential applications to help you survive the worst disasters.

Virus Pandemic

You knew it was true. They said you were crazy, but they were all wrong! All these years you spent training on Resident Evil will finally pay off! Zombie outbreaks spread quickly and soon everyone will be contaminated … everyone but you, that is. As you always said: “a well-stocked smartphone is the best defense against zombies”. You use CDC Flu Informant (Android, an official application from the U.S. Department of Health) to check on the epidemic’s evolution.

But, what if, after a moment of inattention, “chomp”, you’re bitten by a zombie! Open your Red Cross first aid app (iOS, Android), which should have the answer to that!

How can you be sure if you are infected by the virus or not ? First step, Check if you are actually living with Instant Heart Rate, a great application that measures your pulse (iOS, Android), then make sure you have no other symptoms by transforming your smartphone into a mirror (iOS, Android ).

Once the fever disappears, you’ll realize it’s not so bad to being a zombie after all. No more traffic jams, no more taxes – the good life in other words. In addition, you don’t look too bad as the Walking Dead, as you discovered using ZombieBooth (iOS, Android), an app that simulates your transformation into a zombie using your photos!

Natural catastrophy

The Mayans were right: the sky is falling! Volcanoes rumble, the earth shatters, and an asteroid the size of Wisconsin is heading straight on our beautiful planet! But unlike your friends, you do not panic! Everything will remain under control … as long as your smartphone battery lasts!

Earthquake Alert! (Android) tells you in real time which zones to evacuate in case of earthquake. Even better, Seismograph (iOS, Android) promises to detect suspicious vibrations through your smartphone’s accelerometer.

A tornado destroys your house like a mere house of cards? You are ready for anything with Find My Phone (Android) and Find My iPhone (iOS) applications that make you easy to locate!

What if a crack opens under your feet and you disappear into the sewers? Don’t worry, your flashlight app will help you to signal your position to rescue teams… and to scare away those mutant alligators (Android, iOS).

Nuclear War

Korean singer PSY has finally revealed his evil plan: Conquer the free world by hypnotizing the whole planet with his now famous Gangnam Style. World War III is declared!

But you have everything prepared: has a nuclear bomb exploded near you? Don’t panic: GammaPix (Android) lets you detect radioactivity with the camera of your smartphone. And there’s nothing like listening to the radio with TuneIn Radio (iOS, Android) to monitor the progress of the enemies of good music .

If you choose to go underground and to rebel, you will need to prepare for the worst: this is exactly what you will learn from your Survival Guide app (iOS, Android). How to start a fire, fish for trout, or tie your shoelaces … You’ll quickly become a real 21st century GI Joe.

Do you need to communicate discreetly ? Morse Code (iOS) allows you to decode enemy messages and even use your phone’s flash to send some to your allies.

You know as much as we do now, so you can turn your smartphone into a tech-Swiss knife to prepare for all eventualities. And, whatever happens on December 21th, rest assured Softonic experts will always be there through 2013 to help you discover the best software and applications … from the bottom of our fallout bunker!

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