15 resources to have more battery life on iPhone 15

Less consumption, more autonomy.

15 resources to have more battery life on iPhone 15
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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We use our iPhone for practically everything throughout the day. Therefore, being able to enjoy maximum battery life is crucial. Now, with the iPhone 15 already among us, let’s go through 15 ways to make its battery last longer.


Ways to enjoy our iPhone for the longest time possible

There are several ways to extend the battery life a little. Not all of them have the same impact, so here we will organize them from most important to least. Let’s remember, in any case, that it’s better not to compromise the user experience for just a few more minutes of battery life. If we really need much more duration, we can consider an extra MagSafe battery. That being said, here are the recommendations.

  1. Using Low Power Mode: This is the simplest and most direct option to maintain battery life without having to configure many settings. It’s a mode that we can easily turn on and off.
  2. Managing apps that consume too much battery: Let’s check in Settings > Battery which apps are consuming the most battery. Depending on what we see, we might consider deleting them.
  3. Using Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode: Connecting our iPhone to Wi-Fi consumes less battery than using mobile data. Also, in areas with very poor coverage, it’s a good idea to turn on Airplane Mode to avoid constant searching for a signal.
  4. Limiting background activity: We can disable Background App Refresh for some apps, especially those identified in point two.
  5. Limiting location access for some apps: Many apps request access to our location unnecessarily. Limiting this access always helps, especially if it’s an app we use very regularly.
  6. Removing widgets from the lock screen and home screen: In iOS 17, widgets can be directly used on the lock screen. In some circumstances and with certain apps, we might want to remove these widgets and see if battery life improves.
  7. Disabling Live Photos: Similar to the previous point, as Live Photos allow apps to maintain a constant notification on the lock screen.
  8. Turning off always-on display: Although it has minimal consumption, in some circumstances, we might want to disable it. We can even consider automating this using the Shortcuts app.
  9. Disabling haptic feedback for the keyboard: This vibration feedback when typing on the keyboard can consume battery, as warned by Apple. We can disable it in Settings > Sound & Haptics.
  10. Using offline maps: In iOS 17, we can download maps for offline use. This function helps conserve battery if we use the Maps app frequently.
  11. Choosing static wallpapers: Animated wallpapers consume more battery than static ones.
  12. Limiting apps that use Bluetooth: Disable Bluetooth access for certain apps, especially streaming or gaming apps, that don’t require it.
  13. Using Focus Modes: These modes allow us to choose which apps and contacts can send us notifications. Something that, at certain times, is not necessary. It’s a small consumption that we can avoid.
  14. Using Scheduled Summary: Similarly, summaries gather all notifications from a period at a specific time.
  15. Adjusting Mail settings: Adjusting how frequently the Mail app checks for new emails can help conserve battery. It depends on how many accounts we use and the volume of emails we receive.

With these 15 tips, similar to the ones we discussed for freeing up space on the iPhone, we can reduce the battery consumption of our phones. These resources, although aimed at iPhone 15, are applicable to virtually any iPhone. It’s a way to enjoy our phones for the longest time possible.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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