3utools review: free all-in-one iOS device manager

3utools review: free all-in-one iOS device manager
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Juliet Childers

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3uTools offers a free way to manage your data across iOS devices. When it comes to Mac hardware, finding high-quality third-party software that’s also compatible and free to use can be difficult. In addition, finding something that further adapts Mac’s data privacy features isn’t easy either.

If you want more control over your data or if you want to jailbreak your device, the free software program 3uTools is a great option. Let’s review it based on features, issues, and competitors.

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What is 3uTools?

This app serves as a free iOS file manager, but it has other features, too. On top of helping you organize your data, you can make use of its virtual location service. You can even use it to back up or restore data. Thanks to its robust suite of features, it is an all-in-one iOS manager.

image of the 3uTools interface

What are 3uTools main features?

Device customization

Everyone loves to have a custom phone wallpaper of their significant other, pet, or favorite superhero, right? Instead of endlessly scrolling through images to find one or finding a ringtone, 3uTools keeps you organized. It’s also very easy to convert audio and video files, compress photos, and even make ringtones.

You can view your device’s images, apps, music, videos, ringtones, and other files using the software’s UI. Consider it an alternative to the App Store. The program also facilitates sharing of files between iOS devices like computers and iPhones, as well.

File management

Not only can 3uTools backup and restore data files on iOS devices, but it can also help you maintain your phone’s storage. Simply clean up old junk files to instantly add more space for music, TikToks, and more.

While you can customize the data backup, it does have its limitations. You cannot back up the following data types:

  • iCloud photos
  • “Health” reports
  • “Active History” information
  • iTunes media
  • touch ID settings
  • “Keychain” content
  • Apply Pay data

Connectivity and virtual location mode

This program lets you connect portable devices to your computer via WiFi network or USB cable. However, the lightning cable offers the best connection. But perhaps more exciting is the program’s virtual location mode.

It allows you to imitate a different location on your device that allows for unlocking region-specific content. It’s easy to engage the mode and then restore your true location in the UI. Just remember that you’ll need to manually type in the longitude and latitude of your virtual location.

Real-time event log

This unique feature lets users record any and all behaviors and/or operations on their devices. While this may not seem like a useful feature on the surface, however, anyone concerned about hacking can benefit from it.

Additional features

Some features don’t fall into one category but are still worth mentioning such as:

  • iCloud lock
  • SHSH backups
  • baseband upgrades and downgrades
  • DFU mode
image of the 3uTools jailbreak tab

3uTools Jailbreaking features

“Jailbreaking” an iPhone means that you modify the device in a way that removes any restrictions placed by the manufacturer, Apple. Users opt for this to use software that might not normally run on iOS devices.

3uTools offers an easy way to do this with the “Flash & JB” tab in the UI. You don’t need to be a developer to jailbreak your device anymore! It may also help you to avoid data loss or other issues when jailbreaking your iOS device.

Is 3uTools safe?

Though many third-party apps can carry suspicious or even malicious code in them, 3uTools is a tried and true software program. It is not malware, so it will not install harmful things onto your Apple products.

The company offers troubleshooting via Twitter, forums, and email. There are even many tutorials on their website on program features, as well as general Apple tutorials for their many products.


As far as free programs go, 3uTools is an excellent bang for your non-existent buck. You get tons of features in a straightforward and easy-to-use UI from a company that provides troubleshooting and consistent updates.


  • Intuitive and no-nonsense interface
  • Normal and advanced modes
  • Jailbreak and flash activation
  • Virtual location mode
  • No in-app advertisements


  • Lacks cross-platform capabilities
  • somewhat limited data backup file types

Developer: 3uTools

Publisher: 3uTools

Top features: device management

Platform reviewed: iOS

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