4 web apps guaranteed to make you a better manager

4 web apps guaranteed to make you a better manager

Managing people isn’t easy. Keeping a team happy and productive can sometimes be overwhelming, but here are 4 of our favorite web apps that will help you make your life as a manager much easier!

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1. Clarizen: Project Management Made Easy

First up is Clarizen, a collaborative project management tool that helps teams effectively manage complex projects. The key to Clarizen’s popularity is their range of time-saving project templates, pre-populated with the typical tasks that accompanies each project.

Clarizen also features an innovative 3-D discussion feature, allowing idea sharing directly on projects and actionable tasks. Goodbye emails!

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2. actiTIME: Web-Based Timesheet Software

Next on our list is web-based timesheet app actiTIME – the app that lets your team members enter, monitor and report on time expenditure.

actiTIME’s user interface is simple and intuitive to use, making it extremely easy for your team to adopt and use.

Among the most favored features of actiTIME is the reminder option that ensures timesheet compliance, as well as the reporting feature that displays the collected data in a useful and productive way.

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3. Klipfolio: High-Powered Data Visualization

Turning data into actionable insights is a challenge faced by all businesses – that is until Klipfolio came along.

In less than 3 minutes, you will be able to build a dashboard that connects to hundreds of data sources, and combines metrics to provide you with real-time visibility into the insights that matter most.

All you need to know about Klipfolio.

4. PARiM: High-Performance Workforce Management

Last but not least, PARiM’s is the perfect staff management tool to view, assign and share team schedules. Sporting a visually attractive user interface, drag and drop functionality, and the option to share changes through email or text messages, PARiM is well suited for effective teams of all sizes.

If that isn’t enough, PARiM’s GPS-based time-clock feature allows staff at different locations to clock in and out on a mobile device!

Discover PARiM.

Clarizen, actiTIME, Klipfolio and PARiM: Solutions for your Business

In addition to high-performing functionality, these apps have been selected because of their high-quality UX  with visually attractive layouts and intuitive design. You can be certain these apps will save your team lots of time, releasing them from boring tasks and allowing them to focus on more profitable work.

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