45 free design applications

Cyril Roger


The Gimp is a great free design programIf you’re seriously thinking about getting into design you probably think you’ll have to dish in a good amount of money into the right applications. But while software like Adobe’s Photoshop and Flash, ZBrush or 3Ds are excellent, their price tag is not accessible to anyone.

So can you still be penny-less and work with good design programs? We recently came upon this list of 45 freeware design apps on snap2objects, which proves that you don’t need to spend a dollar to cover your designing needs. We could easily single out The Gimp,, Inkscape, or Google Sketchup as top notch applications, but you should really scan the list as it contains many more lesser known but noteworthy alternatives for image editing, illustration, 3D modeling & CAD, fonts, Flash, animation, and authoring.

In March, James also covered what he believed were the top 10 image editors, although unfortunately, most of them are not for free.

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