5 humor pages on Facebook that will keep you laughing all day long

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Everyone can use a laugh, right? Thanks to Facebook, that’s possible on a daily basis. There are so many hilarious Facebook pages cracking us up that we thought it’d be fun to round up the best of the best. Keep reading to start giggling.

5 humor pages on Facebook that will keep you laughing all day long

1. Memes

Who doesn’t love a good meme? Every Facebook user who’s fanned this page certainly does. You can tell this page is funny by the more than 14 million fans. Curious? Check it out. You’ll find viral and sarcastic memes spanning virtually every topic, and most are guaranteed to give you a chuckle.

2. Student Problems

If you’re in school, this is a must-follow. With over 8 million followers, this is bound to provide relief from pre-exam jitters or group project stress by providing a good laugh that’s totally relatable.

3. McLovin

Inspired by a character in the comedy “Superbad,” this meme account makes people laugh about the daily struggles that no one wants to face (yet everyone can relate to). Popular meme topics include hating your job, not wanting to wake up on a Monday, and the woes of being a parent.

4. NFL Memes

For football lovers, fanning this page is practically mandatory. Boasting over three million followers, NFL Memes is a hotspot for fans commiserating about losses, celebrating wins, and making fun of the favorite teams of others. It’s been around since 2012, and it’s only gained more sports fan traction since then. Now that football season has kicked off, it’s the perfect time to fan this page and get in on the laughter.

5. Alonzo Lerone

Known for absolutely hilarious memes, this page is unique as the creator has chosen to reveal his identity to the public. Alonzo is also a popular YouTube personality, which drives even more fans to this page. He particularly appeals to millennial audiences and loves posting about all the latest pop culture events.

There you have it — there’s no reason you can’t turn your frown upside-down in record time thanks to these hilarious Facebook pages. Follow one (or all) today!

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