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6 embarrassing things your mom probably does on Facebook

6 embarrassing things your mom probably does on Facebook

If like me, you were among the first set of college kids to join Facebook, you’ve seen its evolution over the past 10 years. Your mom, on the other hand, is probably relatively new to Facebook, let alone any type of social media, and sadly, its pretty obvious.

The way moms use social media can be hilarious, especially when it’s not your mom. If it is your mom, however, it can be cringe-worthy enough to make you wish you never friended her in the first place.

So, what better way to celebrate the forthcoming Mother’s Day than to recount all her embarrassing social media moments? But, because it is Mother’s Day, we also have the perfect gift: essential tips to help your mom use Facebook like its 2014 (or at least 2012).

1. Posts on your wall like it’s private

It’s not uncommon to see someone’s mom posting on their wall as if they were sending a private message. Usually, it’s pretty harmless, with nothing more than a ‘Love, Mom’ sign off to make you roll your eyes, but sometimes, it can get a little too personal, calling you out or going into far too much detail about a situation.

Advice 1


Tip: Facebook walls are public. Send a private message if you’re sharing anything other than a quick comment.

2. Posts embarrassing photos of you

There’s nothing mothers love more than pulling out the baby pictures, and with Facebook being a huge hub for photos, it’s inevitable that she’ll pull something out at one point or another.

Chubby Baby

Tip: Unless your kid is a baby, try to keep the photos to moments when we’re at least fully clothed.

3. Gives unsolicited advice

Parents love giving advice, and when they see you’re in trouble (or not really at all), they’ll jump at the first chance to put their parenting skills in action.


Tip: Sometimes we forget when we’re posting that you are, indeed, our Facebook friend. Cut us a little slack and don’t go into parental overdrive at every chance you get.

4. Brags about you

Proud mom that she is, along with posting flatteringly embarrassing comments on photos of you along the lines of “I can’t believe what a beautiful woman you’ve grown into”, she may also gloat about how smart, successful, or beautiful you are on her own profile.

Proud Moms

Tip: All moms are guilty of bragging about their kids, especially to friends, and it may be hard to curb that glowing pride. That being said, avoid tagging your son or daughter in the post so that they’re safe from most of their friends seeing it and giving them a hard time.

5. Recounts daily activities like its a personal blog

I have a friend whose mom insists on going into detail about her daily activities, meals, vacations, and even unusually thrilling trips to the grocery store, all as status updates.

Ranting Mom

Tip: Once again, less is more. There’s nothing more convenient than sharing things with all your friends instantly, but the truth is, Facebook isn’t the place to share that much detail. You may have better luck with a little thing we like to call email.

6. Uses acronyms the wrong way

Between LOL, MILF, and TMI, acronyms can be pretty confusing, and often vulgar. While we think we may be protecting our mom by telling her that MILF means Mother I’ll Love Forever, it can lead to some pretty awkward Facebook threads.


Tip: It’s probably best to stay away from acronyms all together. If you really insist on using them, check their meaning using Urban Dictionary first.

Even despite her social media shortcomings and her penchant for embarrassment, we still love our moms. If nothing else, you can celebrate Mother’s Day by laughing with her at the difficulties of figuring out social media.

What embarrassing things does your mom do on Facebook?

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