8 Free Business Tools You Can Use Now

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Are you looking for some inexpensive ways to improve business operations, boost productivity, and give your business the professional tools it needs to succeed?

With these free software packages, you will be able to access some of the best and most powerful applications to drive you and your employees to more profits and better cash flow. Below are some of the best free software titles for business on the market today.

8 Free Business Tools You Can Use Now

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Adobe Reader

The top software tool for viewing PDF documents, Adobe Reader gives you access to the gold standard in PDF management. This plugin, compatible with nearly every major web browser, allows you to print, read, and share documents in PDF format with ease.

It combines increased security, sticky notes and highlight options, full screen reading options, and enhanced accessibility, to make reading and working with PDFs a breeze. There are lots of PDF file readers available, but why not go with the best?

Check out these videos to get more information.

Adobe Reader Windows Screenshot

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

This free 30-day trial gives you access to the suite of Office products including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access and the Lync messaging program. The 2013 edition is optimized for touch-enabled devices.

PDF To Word Converter Free

When you want to take that PDF document and convert it into an editable Microsoft Word document, whether the PDF has embedded images or not, this is the program for you.

Similarly, the Free Word to PDF Converter is a one-step tool that converts .doc and .docx files into pdf documents. Columns, images and formatted text convert easily, freeing you from frustrating layout issues.

Free PDF to Word Converter Screenshot

IBM SPSS Statistics

To collect, analyze, and report on your data, SPSS is the program to use. SPSS lets you solve problems, analyze very large data sets, and share files. Note: IBM SPSS is compatible with Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Enterprise, or Windows Vista Business.

Skype for Business

When you want to communicate with someone across town or around the world, Skype allows for audio or video chatting, instant messaging and file sharing. Skype for Business is integrated with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs.

Google Chrome for Business

This special edition of Google’s popular web browser gives you special functionality. With Chrome for Business, a system administrator can manage policies, control usage, coordinate updates and manage while offline. For end users, there’s no noticeable difference in functionality.

Apache OpenOffice

Do you want an alternative to the Microsoft Office suite of programs. With OpenOffice, you have word processing, spreadsheet, presentation creation, drawing, and database management tools. These programs are fully integrated and support all the popular document formats.

IQUALIF France White

This software program lets you extract data from online directories. Create and contact lists (including name, address, multiple phone numbers and email addresses), update automatically, and pause or restart downloads.

Robust software is the first step towards having your business run more efficiently. There are a number of free options to cut down on operating costs, test out programs before you buy, and compare features. With Softonic, you have access to hundreds of free software programs that will have you humming in a matter of minutes.

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