8 iPhone apps that could save your life

8 iPhone apps that could save your life

Your shortcut to the emergency servicesEveryone raves about how great the iPhone is, but did you know the Apple device could actually save your life? I don’t mean you should use it as a buoyancy aid or some kind of makeshift splint, but rather install one of the many life-saving apps available for the iPhone. Install these on your device and you’ll be prepared for many emergency situations where someone’s life, or indeed your own, is in danger (you’ll need iTunes running to install them via your computer). Don’t forget too that the iPhone also doubles up as a telephone, which you can use to call the emergency services.

Diabetes Log – Helps diabetics track their glucose, food and medicine readings

PhoneAid – Get animated, step-by-step instructions on how to perform basic first aid

iMergency – Set up a single-tap ‘quick dial’ to your local emergency services

NoPeanut – Helps peanut allergy sufferers warn others about their condition

Meds – Simple way to manage all of your medications in one place

Close Call – Shows your emergency contact details in the event of something happening to you

BP Buddy – Keep a close check on your blood pressure

Contractions – Contraction timer for women in labour

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