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8 ways sellers can make the most of Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook is more than a social tool: It’s also a great place to make some extra cash! Selling items on Facebook Marketplace has never been so easy, and its popularity continues to grow. To simplify the sales process and help you put more green in your pocket, we’ve rounded up the top eight tips for making the most out of the selling platform. Read on to learn the ropes.

8 ways sellers can make the most of Facebook Marketplace

1. Spruce up your items

Your items should be in their best possible condition before you list them for sale. Clean them thoroughly to ensure they’re appealing to buyers and worth their money!

2. Take high-quality photos

The photo of what you are selling has the power to really grab a buyer’s attention! When you take photos, ensure the item is well lit and minimize background clutter. Also, get the entire item in the shot, perhaps from different angles. Try to show the size of the item in the photo.

3. Price your items high

You definitely need to turn a profit. One easy technique is to price items on the higher end to prepare yourself for negotiations. If you mark up your item, then you have more wiggle room to make buyers happy!

4. But ensure your prices are reasonable

Although you want to mark up your item to turn a profit, you also want to ensure that you don’t go overboard. Do your research to see how much the product sells for online (both used and brand-new). Stay in the ballpark to ensure you offer a deal that will actually appeal to buyers.

5. List items individually

When you have a large number of items to sell — perhaps from a move — it’s easier, in theory, to post them as a group. However, that may not prompt the most sales. Instead, list each item individually with their own photos and details.

6. Be forthcoming and honest

If you’re listing anything with problems, defects, or imperfections, be honest about the condition of the product. This will help your reputation as a seller and will make you more trustworthy on the Marketplace.

7. Respond to potential buyers quickly

You don’t want to sit too long on inquiries from buyers. Reply within 24 hours to ensure that they don’t lose interest or take their business somewhere else.

8. Mark categories appropriately

The selling categories exist for a reason! You don’t want to mark every category under the sun just in the hopes of making a sale, as it’s a bad look for a seller. Mark them appropriately to get the most out of the platform.

These tips are easy to follow and will be effective in helping to make stellar sales. Happy selling!

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