A few Finder alternatives for Mac

finder-logo-blog-1.pngIn the upcoming release of Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) most of the key functions and applications of the operating system will have been considerably updated. The Finder, by which you manage and organize all your files and folders is getting a complete makeover with a number of cool new features like advanced search, grouping of elements, and Cover Flow. Before you get all excited about it though, you need to remember that Leopard isn’t out yet. In the meantime then, why not test out one of the following alternatives for your Finder?

  • Path Finder – Search and preview any item in your Mac. Is fully customizable.
  • FinderPop – A control panel tool to add extra submenus to Finder.
  • Finder Browser – A plugin to quickly browse through images in a folder.
  • Backdrop Folders – View folders in an Exposé look.
  • Xfolders – Finder with advanced features like integrated Spotlight search.
  • Liquifile – A full screen view of all your folders.
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