Adobe announces new Media Player

Adobe announces new Media Player

adobe-player-screen-1.pngIn a big day for web application press releases, Adobe have officially announced yet another new product. Adobe Media Player (AMP) will be a desktop media player for Windows and Mac users which will allow them to view, download and rate web-based Flash content. Developed using the previously-announced Apollo runtime, AMP is designed to compete with Windows Media Player (among others) in the battle for users’ desktops. So, today is the day that Microsoft has announced an incursion into Adobe territory while simultaneously, Adobe is moving to grab users from Microsoft.

While a downloadable version of Adobe Media Player has yet to surface, its features sound promising. According to Adobe:

Adobe Media Player enables higher quality Flash format playback, the ability to download and view videos offline, ways to discover interesting new shows, full screen playback, one-click viewer ratings, and a powerful Favorites feature that automatically downloads new episodes of favorite TV shows or video podcasts. The player is cross-platform, based on open standards – including RSS and SMIL…

Naturally, it remains to be seen whether Adobe can really make a success out of joining the desktop media player market which is arguably already overcrowded, especially with newcomers like Democracy and Joost. But with their web expertise and the golden standard of Flash behind them, Adobe might just be able to pull it off. Stay tuned for more.

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