Adobe Photoshop goes online

adobe.jpgIf you think web apps are just a simple, stripped-down version of real desktop programs, you’d better change your mind – and soon! After Google’s first steps on the online software world with tools like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, here comes another bigwig: Adobe Photoshop.

According to Bruce Chizen, the company’s CEO, Adobe is planning to launch an ad-supported online version of the popular photo editing software within six months.

The announcement takes place only a few weeks after Adobe signed a deal with Photobucket to provide its users with an online photo and video mixing tool, known as Adobe Remix.

In Chizen’s words:

That is new (for Adobe). It’s something we are sensitive to because we are watching folks like Google do it in different categories, and we want to make sure that we are there before they are, in areas of our franchises.

This is clearly a giant’s step in webware. It seems that big companies are taking web apps more and more seriously, in anticipation of what may happen in the next few years. The so-called Web 2.0 is putting users on the spotlight and challenging coders to go one step ahead in the creation of software.

The Internet is not just a source of information anymore. It’s a living being, a breathing creature in constant development where websites have turned into user-fed communities and interactive tools. If you can create documents, edit photos or mix video online, what will be next? We’re eager to see!

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