Posterous Spaces, a new name for Posterous

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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The popular microblogging platform Posterous has launched a new service, called Posterous Spaces. This is their new product name, the one that will replace Posterous sites and groups, though the company’s name will still be the same.

So, what’s the difference them? In short, it looks like Posterous is improving their service with social network features. Spaces – just like the Circles in Google+ – allow you to share stuff with the right people at any time, whether it’s a shared project with your classmates or pics from your honeymoon with your family.

Posterous will continue to be the same microblogging platform you know, only that it’ll now let you create separate areas (public or private) where you can control exactly what you share and who you share it with. Each Space can have its own theme and configuration settings. You also choose each Space’s members – that is, who can view its contents and contribute to it.

Together with the launch of Posterous Spaces, the microblogging service has also released a brand new version of their iPhone app, which lets you make the most of the new Spaces feature. Other highlights are a faster, more comfortable reader for the blogs you follow, five new themes and a general improvement in loading speed.

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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